Monday, July 25, 2011

Lots of Snapshots

I have been horrible at blogging lately. Life has been extra crazy and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. So here is a quick and sweet breakdown of the last month.

  • 4th of July:
    • We went boating with Jeff's family and a cute family in their ward. We went up to Willard Bay and it started out EXTREMELY cloudy with a few drops of rain. Then it got super sunny half way through the day, but then the wind picked up. It was still a great day and filled with adventure. We learned to stay off the water when all the waives are white capping. I got soaked to the bone while on the boat. Yikes. We continued a tradition of going to the Eaglewood fireworks. We went with Danielle, Stephen and his family, and then Danielle's friend and his girlfriend. I saw a ton of people I hadn't seen in forever. It was so much fun and a perfect way to spend one of my favorite holidays. 
  • Jeff's 22nd Birthday!!
    • Jeff's birthday was kinda a flop this year and I feel absolutely horrible about it. He had his birthday dinner the Sunday before his birthday at his parents house. They bought him a bike, which is something that he's wanted for a long time. Now he plans to bike to work and back to save on gas while we are married. Definitely a trooper cause he has to be to work at 6am.The best was that the decorated the bike with ribbons, streamers, and a string of cans. Then they had him drive around the block. When I get the pictures from Jeff's mom I'll post them. 
    • His actual birthday we went drove down to Bountiful to give Jeff's mom her birthday present, since they share a birthday. Then we drove to Provo to meet Danielle and Stephen for a sushi lunch at the Riverwood's and to show them our place. Then we went to a 6pm showing of Harry Potter before it was released to the public. Must say I'm super sad that the Harry Potter era is over its been a part of my life since 1st grade when the first book came out. Then I took Jeff out to dinner just us to Texas Roadhouse and they had him sit on the saddle and everything! Jeff wasn't too thrilled about that part, but was a trooper anyways. 
    • The weekend right after his birthday Jeff had to work but was planning on going down to Bountiful for his mom's birthday dinner. Jeff ended up getting a flat tire from all the construction down in Utah County and couldn't drive down. I was up cleaning with my mom and Jeff's parents decided to load up all the cooking stuff and grill and surprise Jeff at our house with the dinner. The funniest part was when everyone was sitting down to eat and getting ready to say the prayer, from habit we all looked at Jeff's dad to give someone the assignment. He's like "its not my house... Jeff needs to assign the prayer." It was funny, but also like an aha moment. Made me excited to have people over for dinner once we are married! Dorky, I know.
  • 24th of July
    • Well I thought that fireworks were Saturday in Bountiful... so we actually ended up not celebrating at all. Lame and disappointing. We spent the weekend up at our place some more getting it ready for when we are married. Plus our washing machine was broken so we had to wait for a repair man to come fix it. Apparently, sometime during the move one of the suspension pads fell off and caused it to be extremely off balance.
So that's our life outside of wedding planning. I have more to post about wedding stuff. This post is getting long so I'll do that post tonight.