Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Asked... She Said Yes!!!

In the last week I haven't had the chance to post anything on the blog...but boy do I have a wonderful story to tell!! How Jeffrey proposed last Saturday! For a couple weeks I was worried that Jeff and I would work opposite Saturdays and never have a weekend off together. Fortunately after weeks of talking to different people I finally got my weekend off switched! We both had to work on Valentine's Day and only got to see each other for about 30 minutes, which Jeff took full advantage of to be romantic. He had me walk up to my room while he covered my eyes and when he uncovered them he had already set up lit floating candles, a dozen big pink roses, my favorite chocolates, a card, and a gift card for itunes. It was so sweet and he even had to have help setting up and carrying everything up the 2 flights of stairs. He told me that we would do a Valentine's date on Saturday since that was the next day I had off.

So the night before Jeff kept changing the time he was going to come went from 9 to 9:30, to 10 to 11, and ended up at 10:30. Since boys are so good at planning things I thought Jeff had semi planned the date and we were going to wing it. When he showed up early and while I was finishing getting ready he said he forgot something in his car. I found out after he had taken my keys and moved things for the date into my truck. I was completely clueless, because when he came back he had a bright pink bag for me. When he finally let me open it I found a big bottle of the perfume I wear, which I had been completely out of. When we left we went to Color Me Mine, which is something we started doing in December. (Its been a fun activity that we do together and make things that are personalized for when we have a house and it allows lots of time to just talk and spend time together) Anyways, Jeff and I have been doing the same pieces since December, he finally finished his Christmas cook plate and it looks amazing (pictures to come). I, however, need one more session to finish my Italian Pasta bowl.

After we finished Jeff told me that the date was about all the things we love to do together and then I got another present. It was this really cute gray "hoodie" Ute purse. Then he took me to this restaurant called Red Ginger Bistro which is a little sushi restaurant on State Street. We had never been there, but we love sushi and trying new places. They had the best sushi and miso soup we had ever had and it was 50% off. LOVED IT!!!

Next stop we went to Jordan Commons to watch Just Go With It, the new Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston, it was so cute and hilarious. Jeff and I have always enjoyed going to see different movies, its a past time that we have always shared. Then after the movie I got another present, but wasn't allowed to open it until he said; so it sat on my lap tormenting me. I was told we were going to pick up Danielle and Stephen to go get dinner. They are our best friends and love spending time with them. LOVE YOU BOTH!!! When we pulled into Stephen's driveway I was allowed to open the present. It was a picture frame collage that had pictures from different times in our life from when we first were dating to high school to college. Its even in a picture frame that I had told Jeff months and months ago that I would want in our house; proof he was really listening.

We walked into their house (which struck me as a little weird at first) and when I walked in there was a trail of candles and rose pedals leading into the music room which had more rose pedals everywhere and candles. There were our songs playing in the background and pictures of us everywhere. That's when Jeff had me sit down and he proposed!!! Of course I said yes! I can honestly say I was so shocked and didn't even register what was happening until he asked me to marry him. (I forgot that I had my purse in my hand even!)

Danielle, Stephen, and Ashley were hiding in the other room and took the pictures for us. They had made an amazing dinner that night. Right after he proposed the blizzard hit and we got snowed in for the rest of the night. It was perfect day and I can't wait to be married to Jeff and become Mrs. Katie Edminster. Crazy!!