Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 4: Stable Jobs and Income

Its no secret that basically the entire world is struggling financially right now. In my line of work, its what I hear all day long. People across the country are struggling to make ends meet and to just provide basic necessities of life. People are getting laid off from their jobs and businesses are closing everywhere. More people are having to sign up for food stamps and state assistance. Even more people are having to move in with other family members. 

I am so thankful that Jeff and I both have stable jobs and income we can rely on. I was unemployed for a good portion of 2009 after the economy in the small town I was living in tanked. It really was a reality check. People who had master's degrees and had been making six figures were now applying for dishwasher jobs. It was a horrible time, but it taught me the importance of saving and how to stretch the mighty dollar. I learned so much about personal finance and the importance of budgeting and keeping a checkbook balanced. As a result of this time I have been able to apply that to our marriage and we were able to buy our house and make big plans for the future. This economy is a true lesson and a reality check to all of America. People need to save first and spend later. We still have a lot to learn and I plan on helping others through spreadsheets I have made and my new found love of couponing (more to come on that subject later). 

If anyone is struggling in this department I recommend putting away your cards {especially credit cards} and learning to use cash. I promise you that you'll realize what things cost when you see it and hold it. We are still learning and perfecting our methods and we have a long ways to go, but its fun and exciting. We are able to get things we wouldn't have been able to and pay off bills that we wouldn't have been able to yet. As strange as it seems I'm thankful for the hardships that the economy has caused. I do hope that it gets better for everyone's sake, but we all have to be willing to do our part for that to happen. It will be a long time before anything happens and it'll take one step at a time. 

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  1. We could buy 2 four-bedroom houses in Arizona for the same price as the rent for our one-bedroom apartment out here. Have I mentioned that I am sick of this place? Enjoy your house! I can't wait to move back home some day!


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