Friday, November 18, 2011

Epic Fail.... Days 5-7... Friends, College, and Oakley

Didn't take me long to fail at my being thankful posts. Oh well life intervenes...maybe I should be thankful for a busy life. {Maybe not}

Day 5: Friends

As I said a couple of posts ago we have the best friends a person could ask for. They are always there for me and I truly consider them to be part of my family. Its great to have friends surrounding you and from different aspects of our lives. I have friends at work that make being at work survivable. They bring goodies and remember things about your life. They are just generally a good support at work. I love that if I need to switch shifts or help with something that I can rely on them. Most of all they keep work interesting and fun. Jeff always has fun stories about work and jokes he has going on there. It gives me comfort that he enjoys his work and has fun during his long 12+ hour shifts. {How he does it I don't know.}

During our high school lunch break.
My best friend Danielle and her family have been part of my life for about 10 years now. I seriously miss all the nights and days I spent in their house. Danielle and I met in junior high and had 2 classes together. We would spend our time talking about boys as most preteen girls do. We supported each other through hard times and major life changes. We spend long nights talking {again about boys} first kisses, life goals, and all sorts of things. I love that if I'm having a hard time I can call her and we can meet for some girl talk. Her family has been a great support to me and are a big part of the reason I decided to get baptized when I was 16 (almost 17). They are a great example to me and are such wonderful people! I love you all!!!

Foster Fam (sub in Dani)
We also love Dani's boy toy Stephen. We met him about 2 years ago and it feels like we have known him forever. He is a great guy and most importantly treats my best friend like a princess. They are so much fun to hang out with and we have had some fun and crazy times. I know that we will continue to be friends even when our kids are teenagers. I can't wait to compare our how are kids are to how we were at their age. Crazy thought. First they'd have to get married...cough cough...I know they will soon enough. The sad part is that we don't get to see them very often about a couple times a month. Life gets crazy busy for all of us, but we think of you often. 

Day 6: School/College

As much as we hate homework and hate having to go to class... I am thankful for the opportunity. I know that the nights we spend studying, writing papers, and doing various class assignments will be worth it. The few years of effort now will make a huge difference to our lives and children's lives for decades there after. College has given us some great experiences and have expanded our ways of thinking. I have learned about passions and interests that were unknown to me before. {Maybe that is why they make us take so many random classes. Then again maybe they just want more money}. Before I went to college I had mapped out a plan to get out of college as fast as I could. After all, who wants to spend a lot of time in school. Through my experiences I have put to rest those motives. I decided I want to get the most out of college and if that adds a couple of semesters its okay. I have decided that I beyond my love of law that I am going to get my realtors+ license and mediation through some legal courses. You can never have enough trades.I think that it'll be something I can use and do while I am going to law school. {Plus I might have a year delay for Jeff to be able to move out of the state} I also want to take some classes in graphic design and webpage design. Through blogging I have found a passion for altering pages and making different websites. We will see how that goes along. I am not maxing out my credit hours either. I did a semester at 21 credit hours and that was horrible. I am still full time back to the average class load. We are ready for another semester and what it brings. I am also continuing with my ASL(American Sign Language) classes and so excited!! I want to be able to be fluent by the time I graduate. I want to teach my children starting at a very young age. I love it!

Day 7: Oakley

I love his weird sleeping positions.
We have the sweetest little dog, though he hasn't stayed very little. We really could ask for a better dog. He is so smart and filled with energy. He keeps our house busy and filled with laughter. My favorite part of the day is when I come home from work and he is wagging his tail with all his might waiting for me. He gets so excited he jumps, spins, and talks. He wants his hugs and kisses, then to go potty, and then his treat. He wants to be around us at all times and hates when he can't see us. When we go to the bathroom he lays right outside the door. 

totally and 100% exhausted. He had played with so many kids and couldn't take it any longer
He really is super smart and is as well behaved as you can expect a 4 month old puppy. He is completely potty trained and I can't remember the last time he had an accident in the house. He has perfected his tricks to an art and catches on to new ones extremely quick (especially if you have a treat in hand.) He can shake, sit, lay down, back up, high five, stay, come, jump, stand, and is working on bow. Jeff is trying to teach him "down, set, hike" meaning stop, bow, and fetch. Its really cute to watch them play with his football toy.

His favorite toy is a "durable" stuffed shark
 He is the most food oriented dog you will ever meet. He is extremely soft and is getting longer and longer hair; he is starting to look like a light golden retriever. I really wish he would stay little longer. He is getting to the point where I can't pick him up anymore. Oakley loves to wrestle with Jeff and loves to lick his ears {Jeff hates that part}.
Love Always,


  1. How did you teach him to shake and high five?!?! We have tried so hard with Adi to teach her those.HELP!

  2. I taught him to shake first. I sat in front of him and made him sit. Then I would take his paw (while he's learning always use the same paw, same phrase, and same gesture) I would put out palm flat and say shake. With my other hand I would pick up his paw and put it onto mine. Then I would say "good shake" and give him a treat. I would repeat this ... ummmm... about 5 times. Then I wouldn't help him and just say shake. The first day he didn't quite catch on but after a day or two of doing this he got it. Each day I would show him how less times. By the third day he knew that if he wanted a treat he had to give me his paw. It takes a lot of repetition. We would do this at least a couple times a day. Then when he understood we didn't give him a treat every time but just told him good dog or whatever.

  3. As for high five... that was Jeff's doing and it kinda started by accident. After he understood shake and other shake I wanted him to learn high five and there be a difference in the two. Sometimes he just got super hyper and excited for a treat he would try to go through his tricks extra fast and he'd do both paws on shake. When he started doing this Jeff would put his hand straight up and say high five. After a while when he did it he just learned it to be high five. So now when we put our hand straight up he quickly stands up and puts high paws up and back down.


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