Monday, October 14, 2013

The Catch Up Part III: The Big Move

One of many trips on Frontrunner
Good-bye Utah County! Hello Davis County!
That's right we moved!
For the last 6 months or so we had just kinda thrown the idea around to move.
It was something that we would say "oh, six months from now," or "down the road"
This September we decided that the time had finally come.
Between school, my injury, Jeff starting the police academy, and life intervening
Jeff was looking at traveling up to 4 hours a day. Not exactly practical
Its funny how when you make the decision how everything escalates so quickly
It seemed like we started packing stuff up, looking for a place to live, and actually moving in just a couple weeks time

Its amazing how things fall into place when something is right. 
I'm someone who worries. That's an understatement 
I stay up late going over possible outcomes and debating on the right thing to do.
I break down plans and make to do lists. over and over
I lived on the Internet looking for places to live and tips to selling your house.
It's been an exhausting month to say the least.

Our home for the last 2 1/2 years!

When we decided to move we were planning on selling our house.
We talked to a realtor and had her go through our house telling us what to fix and what will up our sale price. 
We started fixing repairs that we had delayed doing while we lived there.
Our family has been such a HUGE help and we appreciate it sooo much!
My mom was there every day she could helping clean and paint. 
All while she has had pneumonia!  
Jeff's family has helped with repairs and painting, which included painting an entire room that was yellow
My dad helped fix the carpet and fix some baseboards that needed to be replaced.

Throughout this whole process Jeff and I have been excited to move back to our home town.
But there was just an uneasy feeling about selling our house.
I think at first we both really ignored it, I mean its easy to do when you are super busy every minute
We prayed about it and I spent my late nights thinking  obsessing about it
The promptings were always there and just got louder the closer we got to officially putting our house on the market.
We talked it over and decided that maybe selling wasn't the right direction for us. 
When we first bought our home we knew we wouldn't live there forever.
We had talked over the years about someday renting out our home since its such an amazing location
So we decided to become LANDLORDS!!! 
Cue the scary music
Its amazing how much better and less stressed I felt after paying attention to those little "nudges" 
I know more than ever that we made the right decision and that Heavenly Father really brought that peace.
Happy to be able to sleep a good nights sleep again. 
The instant we made that decision EVERYTHING fell into place
We found a cute family to rent our home that had lived in our community a year before
We have had great advice from friends and family who have experience with having rental property
We have done tons of research and read books for advice.
We are ready to take this head on and start this new adventure!

We are loving being back and being so close to friends and family
Oakley didn't like it at first and seemed a little homesick, but has adjusted well
Bailee on the other hand took to the new place like she owned the place.
I can't tell you how much we have hated despised making the hour drive down here all the time
Jeff went back to working at his old job and is loving being back with all his favorite patients
I still will keep substituting, but not for all the school districts and just for schools in Salt Lake
However, I did get a NEW job working for Ritz Carlton!
We are excited for these new adventures and changes. 
I am personally happy things are settling down a bit though
Just in time for the holidays!

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