Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Allison's & Pauls Beautiful Wedding

What is better than a beautiful, outdoor wedding in the summertime?
How about if its your gorgeous sister-in-laws wedding?
Jeff's older sister Allison got married this summer. 
The best part was that she moved back to Utah for 2 months while she planned her dream wedding
How cute are these two? Paul's niece and nephew
These girls adore Allison, she used to nanny them
Even though Jeff and I have been together for 9 years I haven't had many opportunities to really get to know Allison
Allison has been in Alaska, basically since she graduated high school
Alaska is where she met her husband Paul, he is from the beautiful state of Oregon
I also hadn't met Paul before this week, so it was nice getting to know him before the wedding
We are so happy for you two and wish you a life full of happiness

The night before the wedding Paul's family hosted the rehearsal dinner at Jeremiah's in Ogden
The food was great and it was fun to hear all the childhood stories
It was a night filled with love, laughter, and of course a few {happy} tears.
Lene, Cathy, and Dominic just days before they left us for Italy.
The rare occasion I'm not behind the camera. 

Jeff & Allison's sweet cousins. Love this family!
Dominic obviously enjoyed the food
Allison's best friend gave the BEST speech I have heard.
She used a Hanson song that they used to listen to when they were younger.
It was really funny and sweet. 

Sweet speech from Allison's best friend Amanda brought tears to everyone's eyes. 
I believe this is the reaction to the Hanson song
The week before the wedding the weather reports said it was going to rain.
While we were in Lake Powell Allison asked that during every prayer we ask that it wouldn't rain
Her prayers were answered!
It was a perfect day and not a cloud in the sky
Allison looked absolutely stunning and the wedding couldn't have been more perfect
They held the wedding in their parent's backyard that was covered in white lights. 
They had a sweet ceremony with close family and friends
After the ceremony we had a sit down dinner. The food was incredible!
Allison's friend cooked, who is a professional chef at the Canyons, cooked the entire meal.
After the dinner began the reception which was filled with laughter and lots of dancing. 
It really was such a special night and we couldn't be happier for Allison and Paul
She looked stunning.
{Picture by Jessica Janae Photography}
I do's. I loved her jewelry
{Picture by Jessica Janae Photography}
The beautiful cake
Cake smash!
Cake smash that followed with a fall.
{NOT Paul's fault, there was a rock in the way}
First dance by sunset
Sweet father-daughter dance
My favorite part of weddings is always the father-daughter dance.
Always a sweet moment.
I think Grandma Judy and her sister had the most fun dancing
Cute moment between my sweet in-laws. Love them
A really sweet moment between Cathy and her dad. 
All the little kids, especially Dominic, were having the time of their lives dancing

David, Eric, and Jeff enjoying the hard work.
I don't think Jeff will be willing to put lights up again
Welcome to the family Paul!
All the lights and overhead of the dance floor
My buddy throughout the wedding. Seriously she's too stinkin' cute!
I love watching couples dance. 
Back of Allison's gorgeous dress

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