Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Date that Changed Our Lives

Sometimes its hard to fathom that one moment our entire lives can change in an instant. Well our lives changed forever on February 19, 2011. We had plans to celebrate Valentine's Day a little late since we both had to work on the actual holiday. Jeff still made it special by decorating our entryway with candles, chocolates, and flowers for me when I came home.

The day of our date Jeff shows up early and I was still getting ready. Jeff says he forgot something in his car and would be back. I found out after he had taken my keys and moved things for the date into my truck. I was completely clueless, because when he came back he had a bright pink bag for me. When he finally let me open it I found a bottle of the perfume I wear, which I had been completely out of. When we left we went to Color Me Mine, which is something we started going to a couple months prior. (Its been a fun activity that we do together and make things that are personalized for when we have a house and it allows lots of time to just talk and spend time together) Anyways, Jeff and I have been doing the same pieces since we started, he finally finished his Christmas cookie plate. I, however, needed one more session to finish my Italian Pasta bowl.

After we finished Jeff told me that the date was about all the things we love to do together and then I got another present. It was this really cute gray "hoodie" Ute purse. Then he took me to this restaurant called Red Ginger Bistro, which is a little sushi restaurant on State Street in Salt Lake. (Since then it has become our favorite sushi restaurant. It is delicious). We had never been there, but we love sushi and trying new places.

Next stop we went to Jordan Commons to watch Just Go With It. Jeff and I have always enjoyed going to see different movies, its a past time that we have always shared since we first met. Then after the movie I got another present, but wasn't allowed to open it until he said; so it sat on my lap tormenting me. (I am not exactly a patient person.)I was told we were going to pick up Danielle and Stephen. They are our best friends and love spending time with them. (Now they are planning their own wedding in June and we are so excited for them.) When we pulled into Stephen's parent's driveway I was allowed to open the present. It was a picture frame collage of pictures of us dating throughout the years. Its even in a picture frame that I had told Jeff months and months ago that I would want in our house; proof he was really listening. It is now on the dresser in our bedroom.

We walked into their house (which struck me as a little weird at first) and when I walked in there was a trail of candles and rose pedals leading into the music room which had more rose pedals and candles everywhere. Our song was playing in the background and there were pictures of us everywhere. That's when Jeff had me sit down and he told me how much he loved me and then he asked if I would be his wife. Obviously I said yes.

Danielle, Stephen, and Ashley were hiding in the other room and were the ones to take the pictures for us. They had made an amazing dinner that night. Right after he proposed the blizzard hit and we got snowed in for the rest of the night.

All in all it was an amazing night that changed my life forever. The following six months felt like an eternity. I couldn't wait to be married and begin our lives together. Married life is the best and I couldn't be happier.

Love Always,

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