Saturday, July 14, 2012

23 Things About Jeffrey!

I'm a little bias in saying this, but I have the greatest husband in the world. I don't know what I ever did to deserve his love. Well I'll let you in on a little secret... today is his 23rd birthday!!! There are so many things that I love about him, but I wanted to share things you might not know about him. So here you go 23 things you didn't know about my handsome husband Jeffrey!
Jeff's first birthday.
  • Jeff hates chocolate. Yet, He loves chocolate milk, brownies, butterfingers, reese's, whoppers, and fast break  (Yet, he still says he hates chocolate...)
  • Jeff is without a doubt the funniest person I know. He is really quick on his feet and can snap some witty remark back without even thinking. I fell in love with his sense of humor first. 
  • Jeff is starting his nursing classes this fall semester. I am so proud of his hard work. 
  • Jeff is the kindest hearted person I know. There isn't anything he would do for someone. That's why nursing is perfect for him. 
  • Jeff still goes back to his old job at South Davis to visit all the little kids. He loves them and I know he misses them so much. He gets a little emotional when he finds out what strides they have made since he left. All in all he loves kids.
Jeff and our adorable nephew Dominic. We can't get enough of this little boy!
  • He HATES to be tickled. He is extremely ticklish on his feet. 
  • He is an amazing cook and does majority of the cooking in our house. 
  • He has learned a lot of handyman type work from his dad and has put it to good use in our home. 
  • I learned recently that Jeff's biggest pet peeve in our home is when the toilet paper roll is empty in the bathroom. He drives him nuts. (Yet, I have caught him leaving it empty before. Though he won't admit it.)
  • Jeff is extremely intelligent and loves history. 
  • Though there is nothing in the world that he hates more than Math.
  • Jeff loves to be outdoors. He loves camping, boating, back packing, wake boarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, and he wants to get into rock climbing. 
  • Jeff has about 20 different ties... yet he only will wear maybe 3 of them. 
  • Jeff can find his way around anywhere. He never needs a map and can just remember where we are. He had California figured out in under a day. (I have no sense of direction so it comes in handy).
  • I have tested this on multiple occasions. Jeff can name the color, mascot, city, name, and all the major players of pretty much any football or basketball team; college or pro.
  • He spends at least 30 minutes a day reading up on college football.  (He's a little obsessed with football... just a little.) Especially the Utah Utes. He is a HUGE fan of the Utes. 
  • Jeff teared up the first time he saw Friday Night Lights.
  • Jeff's outfit of choice is basketball shorts, flip flops, and a hat. Even at that he'd probably rather go barefoot then wear shoes at all. 
  • He loves the immature type comedies like Anchorman, Hot Rod, and Semi-Pro... all movies that I will be forced to watch during our movie marathon. 
  • He can't stand to go into store like Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works. All the combinations of smells give him a headache. (Yet, when I really want to go in he will come along if I promise to be quick. He will turn on or light the candles in our house cause he knows how much I love them.)
  • Jeff's dream vacation would be to go to China. Due to his love of history he loves to go on learning type vacations, like with lots of museums. 
  • Jeff gets motion sick when on spinning rides or on long car rides. He loves roller coasters, but can't do the fair type rides. 
  • He shares a birthday with his mom. 
Happy Birthday to you both!
I love you, honey! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and feel like you are a year wiser. You make every day better and fill our home with love and laughter. I don't know what I would do without you. I am proud of everything that you have accomplished and I know you will do big and great things in this world. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodbye Kody

Today was a very sad day for Jeff's family. 
They had to say  good-bye to a beloved family pet.
He was a beautiful white fluffy Samoyed. 
He was such a wonderful dog and everybody loved him.
His favorite thing was to be petted. 
You could be sitting in the living room or at the dinner table
All of the sudden you'd feel a little wet nose and your arm be pushed up
That was his sign: Please pet me!
He was so quiet, gentle, and so sweet. 
When Jeff's family adopted Kody about 5 years ago they also adopted another Samoyed named Ky
These two could always be found together
Seeing as Ky was really old he was almost completely blind and deaf
Kody watched over Ky to make sure he was always safe and in check
One time Ky got stuck in some deep snow and couldn't find his way back out
Kody walked along the snow where the ground was clear of snow
Then barked to guide Ky out and back to clear ground
Sadly, Ky died 2 years ago from old age and is now joined again with his dear friend
(On Ky's last days Kody never left his side)
I think the person who loved Kody the most was Dominic
Our adorable little nephew
He loved to chase him around in his little walker
Unfortunately, running over his paws a time or two
Dominic would just watch him whenever he was in the room
If he was close enough to touch he would take a grab at whatever part of him he could get his little hands on
Kody never cared and just let him do whatever he wanted. 

Kody was such a funny dog
He absolutely hated if you touched his paws 
He hated bath time and hated to be on his back to have his belly rubbed
He didn't really like any toys or bones
except when Oakley was around
He would pick up one of Oakley's bones in front of him and move it around the room
I imagine him in his head saying neener-neener-neener
(this was a forced picture, but Kody wouldn't look at Oakley)
Other than teasing Oakley, he didn't really want much to do with him
Though Oakley just wanted him to play back
When Oakley or the neighbor dogs would come over to play fetch or chase
Kody always seemed to want to play
He'd make sound and jump around
Yet, not quite sure what he was supposed to do
I hope you know that you will be greatly missed by everyone
We love you, Kody, Goodbye

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Jungle: Garden Update

Its been just about 5 weeks since we planted our garden
I feel like its growing like CRAZY!
We refer to it as the jungle
We have picked: 2 zucchini, 2 tomatoes, and 3 jalapenos 
We have SOOO many tomatoes that are going to be ready to pick within the week
Lots of zucchini ready to pick
Our cute little herb garden, still meaning to finish my herb garden project.. this weekend? Maybe.
2 small plants: Green peppers, jalapeno plant, and the wax yellow pepper (eaten by  the ever growing tomato plant)
The Jungle: 3 tomato plants that are HUGE. This picture doesn't even give it justice. I grew up with a garden and our tomato plants weren't ever this big

Roma tomato plant with tons of growing tomatoes, we counted over 30 before we gave up
Giant zucchini plant and cucumber plant
Cucumber plant is starting to get flowers

All the flowers and growing zucchini

First vegetable of the season! Delicious zucchini!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The {Not-So} Great Truth

“Stumbling is not falling.” ~Portuguese Proverb

I knew when I started this "get fit" journey that it wasn't going to be easy.
When I started off it was easy.
Each morning I woke up and made a healthy smoothie
Each day I'd find something active to do whether working out via dvds or the kinnect
Sometimes bike rides or outings with Oakley

We ate lots of fruits and vegetables
I lost 10 pounds in a short period of time.
Then life intervined and it wasn't easy anymore
I started the busy process of getting a new job!
more info on that later
Getting ready for our best friends' wedding
Then our GLORIOUS trip to California
Needless to say I got off track during the process

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” ~Colin Powell

 Now I am home and I have a week before I start my new job
Perfect time to get back into the groove
I promise I will be better about posting my progress along my journey.
I will post more goals and some starting pictures and information.