Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 3rd birthday Oakley!

 We are those crazy people who know their dogs birthdays.
We love our dogs. End of Story.
I always wanted a dog, since I was a little girl.
I asked my mom and dad for one all the time, but was always told no.
Before Jeff and I got married there was no question we would be getting a dog.
Before we decided to buy a house and were looking at apartments.
I refused to look at anywhere that didn't allow dogs.
More specific... big dogs. {Jeff wanted a MAN dog}
Then it evolved to buying a townhome or house.
Much easier to have a dog in.

 We picked out Oakley a couple weeks before we got hitched and I was so excited.
He was the cutest little fluff ball and just really mellow.
We actually picked out two dogs, but during our honeymoon decided one was more than enough.
Isn't he so cute? The little black dog was the other puppy we had selected originally
Cute little fart! When he finally got to come home. He was 7 weeks old if I remember right.
 Oakley had his own personality right from the start.
He has always been really curious and loved to explore.
When we first met Oakley he was wondering through the tall flowers and bushes in the garden.
Little did we know he would NEVER grow out of that.
Just hanging out. He quickly discovered that bits of food on dishes went into the dishwasher
He loved to cuddle and be held in your lap.
Another trait he still loves. Big ole lap dog.
He was a handful from the beginning and always into stuff {especially if it was food oriented}
He loved to play with toys, but had a tendency to shred kill them.
He was extremely smart and was even potty trained before we were able to take him home.
He learned tricks extremely quickly... all he needs is a treat for motivation
He grew way to fast and didn't stay this cute little pup for more than a second.
We hadn't even moved in completely and look how big he already was
So food motivated he turned his bowl into a toy
He has always had a love for laundry baskets... not sure why
Oakley is a great dog, but has had some really naughty moments in the past
Most of them happened before we got Bailee
When he was a couple months old he ate an entire bag of dog food (10 lbs) while we were at work
I came home to an unbelievable mess from one overly full and sick dog.
On an entirely separate occasion he ate an entire pound of chocolate covered coffee beans.
He was fine, not even sick.
Just EXTREMELY hyper
Don't think we left these things out ... that dog will find food anywhere
Then there was the time he ate Jeff's homework entire semesters worth of work
binder and all
This is all that was left. It was on top of the kitchen table.. pushed back to where we didn't think he could get it

But then again... he could climb up on chairs...
{Bad picture it was taken from my phone}

One of the many other paper shredding moments courtesy of Oakley
His most famous naughty moment is when he TIE DYED my kitchen and himself.
I was making some almond bark popcorn and added color to be more festive
I had to get to class so I didn't have time to completely clean up the kitchen. so I pushed everything back to the edge of the stove and counters and left for class.
Now Jeff was on his way home from work when I left, which was a total of maybe 5 minutes away.
5 minutes is a lot of time to a little dog. BEWARE.
This is what Jeff came home to.
My little smurf dog
This is only a small... small part of it.
My entire kitchen was spotted in various splashes of green, blue, and purple
Jeff was nice enough to clean up Oakley while I was at school
But he thought it was sooo funny he waited for me to get home till we cleaned up the kitchen.
It took HOURS for us to get all the food coloring off the floor
To this day there is still a little blue stain on the seal on the door and a purple spot in the corner under the table.
All I can say is Oakley is lucky he is so dang cute and that we love him so much.

Oakley's favorite thing is to go for car rides, to go to the park, and to go swimming (though he didn't always think the last one)
Words like: go, park, ride, walk, and car are not allowed in our house, especially put together
He freaks out and cries until we are out the door and in the car.
If you stop at a stop sign too long he lets you know.
Only golden retriever I know who has his tail over his back all the time

Tongue is always hanging out
Not too sure about the water
One happy pup right there. I wish he would have stayed this little. Too cute
Head always out the window looking around
Oakley is the most expressive dog I know and has so many different facial expressions.
Good thing is you always know what he is thinking.
He is weird and keeps us in stitches all the time
My mom is his favorite person and the word grandma is not allowed in our house either
He loves people and I swear he thinks he is one sometimes
Loves to be on his back, especially for tummy rubs
What? This isn't normal dog behavior?

Spoiled much? Look at all those toys and his very own swimming pool

My favorite picture of these two. He loved her from the very beginning

He even let her sleep on top of him
Best buddies, though she does annoy him sometimes
That's what little sisters are for right?
Always up for a good treat.
He is a wonderful dog and we love him so much
Happy 3rd birthday buddy!