Thursday, October 27, 2011

Part 7: The Reception

Well I have reached the last and final part of our wedding day. It was so much fun and filled with friends and family. We couldn't have happier with the day and were excited for the party to start at the reception. I knew when planning the reception the most important part was that it would be fun and more of a party. I wanted everyone to be dancing and to have a really fun time. We did have a line for the first hour so that ward members and the {cough...} older people could stop and say hi and then leave. I am glad that we did, because there were so many people from Jeff's ward that came that first hour majority of which I didn't have a clue who they were. Jeff of course knew them all. We even had some surprise people come from our past that was so amazing. My best friend Ashton growing up came with her mom and they also brought their grandparents who lived across the street from me. I practically spent a good portion of my childhood at their house and they were the ones we went to church with. It was so great to see them again. I had friends from work that took work off and drove out to Bountiful, thank you Krista and Bailey. You guys are sweeties! My mom's friends from work all came and they have always been so sweet to me, even the ones I had never actually met. Jeff's mom's best friend Mitzi and her family all came to our entire day. Mitzi flew here from Pennsylvania to be at our wedding. She is the sweetest person! She was the one who dried all my wedding flowers after the wedding so I could keep them and put them in a scrapbook. 
During the "line" portion of reception the flower girls were dancing to the music

I think they're feet hurt by this time

Aubrey made our reception that much more fun! Love you Aubrey!!

Note... Jeff is checking his watch. haha The line was not his favorite part. Plus his feet hurt.

Such a cute picture

My aunt Trudy and my cousin Cody's little boy River. We miss  you Cody!
I love all the little details that they put into everything to make it personalized for us

This is the stunning quilt that Jeff's mom made us

She even personalized it. Thank you Linda its so beautiful!

Pictures from high school that were in the corner and the middle pictures were bridals and engagement pictures

Jeff's side of the memory table.

He traveled a lot and did tons of sports as a kid.

Years ago my mom made us do this picture. We were so reluctant to back then. But now I'm so glad that she did.

My side of the table

The full view.. minus Jeff's jersey shadow box

Jeff's football shadow box

My beautiful cake!! Love it!!!

I just love my cake!!

Our personalized napkins
We had brownie martini sundaes plus the candy and cake.  Aren't they cute?

This was before the food was out. But doesn't it look amazing!!

I love the lanterns. I have always wanted them!

tee hee hee

I am pretty sure we are the worst cake cutters ever! We had no idea what we were doing!

Oh crap.... I told him not to get it on my dress right before he squished it right into my face!

At least he tried to get it in my mouth... I don't think I did at all... : )
Yeah.. we don't hold back!

He had it in his eyebrows and I had it up my nose

Cute little Brightyn

Sweet Kristen! I haven't seen her forever since she lives in Idaho

Krista who came from work!

He was loving the candy bar

I have pretty friends

Cute picture of Braeden and Jamone

Allison and the cute little girls she used to nanny
So at some point during the reception my friends all disappeared out to decorate our car. I really hoped they would have forgotten about it... oh was I wrong. {warning: some of these pictures are... well not for child eyes or those with no sense of humor} They went all out and didn't hold back. All I have to say is that pay back sucks! I love you all!

What a stud!

Awe Aubrey

The innocent moments
I don't think he figured out how to blow up a balloon. {my car was filled with them though}

We know who did all the writing... Makaela

Then the silly string was brought out...

Oh no! 4 year old and silly string

This is the CUTEST picture

Apparently everyone was involved

and it begins...


Yupp... that's the driver side of our car...

Dano!! I can't believe you were part of this! lol

That was the back of our car...

That's my friends for ya! Love you guys!


Not sure what's going on in this picture

Well after the cake cutting there was our first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, and then everyone joined in! My favorite part of the night!
They couldn't wait for the dancing to start

We Danced to  When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban
Our first dance

Jeff actually picked out our song

My father daughter dance was to My Little Girl by Tim Mcgraw

The mother son dance was to My Wish by Rascal Flatts

Jeff's Dad cut in at the end and everyone started dancing

Jeff's parents are so cute together!

My dad and step mom

Makaela & Aubrey

My mom and step dad

Kelly & Dan Foster. So sweet

Ash & Jammin'

Our best friends Dani & Stephen {the couple in the back Maggie & Ike just got engaged!}

They were so into the dances it was so cute. Love ya!

Swing dancing

I think he had the most fun

Shay and his big sister Kresha were crazy! My grandparents dancing behind them and My uncle and my step mom

Me & Aubrey

Ashley & Makaela
Me & Braeden

Sisters: Dani & Ashley

Dano & Aubrey {Dano's foot was even broken}

Dancing to Forever. The #1 song Jeff & all our friends wanted played

I love these girls
Jeff wanted Jamone & Brightyn to dance

Everyone got in on the dancing

Even the little ones. Paisley is such a doll

Bouquet Toss

Makaela wanted it SOOO bad!

Little Addie caught it!

Crazed bridesmaids

Garter toss

So embarrassing

Kevin technically caught it

But gave it to Jamone

She was sad she didn't catch the bouquet


Not sure what this look was for lol

Lizzy & Jason :)

Robert and Joann (Jeff's aunt & uncle)

David & Lindsey

Perfect day

He had the time of his life

Party Line

Kevin & his girlfriend at the time

Lizzy & Jason

Jeff's dad & mom. We were all shocked when he took off his jacket.

Makaela & Aubrey

The brother sister duo!

My grandma and Jeff's cousin Jason

They were so much fun to watch

Conga line!

Jamone was the leader

Now it was time for us to leave for our wedding night and honeymoon!
Staff was helping get sparklers started

Its kinda scary running through sticks that are on fire

We were waiting for David to bring around the car

Trying to get in the door

Yupp we drove away with that on the back of the car....

The End

P.S. We actually only drove a couple of blocks like that. We couldn't see out the windows and its illegal to have the license plate covered. We drove to Jeff's parents house and popped all the balloons cleared the front window and took off the stuff from the back. Then the next morning we stopped at a car wash to get all the silly string and shaving cream off the paint.
Love Always,