Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Part 4: Luncheon

Who doesn't love a great brunch buffet? I had thought about having a rehearsal type dinner, "Mormon style," or a luncheon but I'm not a big fan of either and I love breakfast. Following the ceremony it literally led straight into the dinning hall that was already for breakfast to start. 

Everyone starting to file in
When considering decorations I wanted it to be very clean and simple for the morning; then the reception would be bright and more like a party. It turned out amazing and exactly how I wanted. As I said on my first post, which can be found here, there was a problem with my flowers. My centerpieces were not planned and were actually put together during the ceremony. Thank you wedding planner!! I actually think they turned out better for the brunch, because they gave a bigger pop of color. 

These were part of the decorations on the head table

The unused bridesmaids bouquets were at the head table as a decoration, since the bridesmaids who they belong to couldn't be there physically.

You can't forget the most important part, the food! We had bacon, waffles, sausage and egg casserole, hash browns, assorted fruit, and martini yogurt parfaits (my FAVORITE)! Just looking at these pictures makes me hungry. 

I was super excited about the parfaits, can you tell?

Jeff was telling the photographer to get some food
We ate and enjoyed all the delicious food and followed by the toasts. I wish I had pictures from this but the photographer had to run back to his office to get stuff for pictures at the temple pictures. Jeff's dad was the first one to get up and give a toast. He said some really sweet things about Jeff and what a wonderful man he had become. He said how proud he was of him and that he will miss him around the house. It was really cute and I have to agree. Jeff is an amazing person and he makes me proud to call him my husband every single day. Love you honey! 

Then David, Jeff's little brother got up to say his part. It was so cute and I know he was extremely nervous. He said he was happy for his brother and how much he had looked up to him as an older brother. Then it went down the head table through all the parents. My mom of course made me cry and made herself cry. {Surprise, surprise} Chris, my step dad, gave a really sweet talk and how we were together in high school. He ended it by saying how he always wanted a son and would like to consider Jeff a son. {Tender moment} Last of all was my dad. Anyone who knows my dad is he would be the last person on earth to speak in front of a crowd. He hates attention and is one to blend into the crowd. Plus he is shy. He did take a quick glance at the door then took a deep breath. I was amazed to say in the least, I told him he didn't have to say anything if he didn't want to. He talked about how excited he was that we were moving down by him, because for the first time in my life I would be in the same county. How happy he was for us and how much he loved me. It was completely sincere and completely from his heart. Mostly, it meant the world to me that he even said anything.

After the parents said they're parts, Jeff's dad opened the floor to anyone who wanted to say anything. Varies members of our families came up and gave us advised and their love/support. Lastly was Dan Foster, he has always been like another father to me, he talked about all the time we had been a part of their family and times we spend with them. He talked about how when we went boating I was the only one who could set the tents up in the dark without the instructions. {Funny memory from when Dani and I were in 8th grade.) Getting married really made us realize how many people we have that love and support us. We love you all and appreciate everything that you have done for us. 
Love the Fosters!


Love Always, 


  1. CUUUUTE!! I am hungry now after looking at all of that food. However did you come up with those colors? TOTALLY brilliant. It was beautiful!

  2. My original idea for wedding colors was to do a vintage wedding scheme. I was looking up schemes and there was an orange and aqua combination for retro. It made me think about doing red (I hate orange and red is Jeff's favorite color) and I love turquoise. So yupp.


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