Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Slacker

I have slacked on the wedding planning... in fact I think I didn't do anything in the month of April about the actual wedding day. I got side tracked by planning for our home and just daily life. So on Saturday I decided I needed to do something... and something that would make a dent. I met with the reception center's wedding planner and we ironed out a bunch of details. Followed lunch and meeting with the invitation lady. Oh dear. I didn't think it'd be a big deal, but there was so many designs and fonts and papers, oh my. Well we got all the wording for the invitations and inserts done and picked the paper. I haven't decided on a font or which of the five styles I want (will decided when I pick our engagement pictures for the invites.) I also have the dates for our engagement sessions and bridals figured out. Hooray!! So here is what I accomplished on Saturday:
  • Wedding Day Schedule
  • Reception Food
  • The brunch menu
  • The luncheon floor plan
  • The reception floor plan
  • Set appointment to meet with the florist, cake lady, and last invitation
  • Plus we have started registering, I'm indecisive and its a problem. 
  • Decided on a honeymoon destiation. Whoot. 
Well I still have a ton to do, but I feel like a major dent was made. Thank goodness.  I do need some good ideas on where we can do our engagements. We get 3 locations, I already know one and its a secret, but I want something that's different and romantic. Any ideas? Please help.

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