Monday, May 16, 2011

Party Weekend

Our favorite thing about he past 2 weekends has been all the time we have been able to spend with family. This weekend was the farewell weekend to Jeff's oldest sister, Cathy. Lene, Cathy's new hubby, got a new assignment in Naples, Italy with the Navy. Such and exciting adventure for them and even more exciting she is 5 months pregnant with the Edminster's first grandchild. Out of all the places around the world, I think he got the best place!
I'm so JEALOUS!!!

We are so bummed that we don't get to see the little guy, except through skype. We'll just have to take a trip to Italy in the next year, no arguements here.

This weekend we did an early baby shower for Cathy and it was really fun. They played a word scramble game that made me realize that I really suck at word scrambles, I got 4 out of like 15 words. A game I've never heard of before was a game where you took the parents name and you make as many names out of the letters for the baby (had to be boy names.) It was a great shower and I'm glad that I could be a part of it. A couple hours after Jeff's family had invited 2 neighbor families over for a BBQ and to plan the upcoming Lake Powell trip. That I am going to miss and Jeff is probably going to have to miss as well. Sunday was a family farewell dinner with all of Jeff's cousins and his grandma. I love spending time with Jeff's family its always fun and filled with lots of stories.

It was a great weekend, but sad to have to say good-bye to Cathy. We are so excited for your new adventure and we will miss you!

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