Friday, January 11, 2013

And Then There Were 4...

Jeff and I have joked around about getting a second dog. We originally had two dogs picked out when we got Oakley, but decided that two little puppies at the same time would be too much to handle. So we only got Oakley and planned that we would get another dog once he was out of his puppy stage. This fall I saw this stinking cute puppy that was at a pet adoption and almost came home with it, but Jeff didn't want it. (He hadn't seen it.) I decided that I wanted a baby pet and I started in on wanting a kitty. Jeff hates cats. So of course he always told me no, which he never really does. Then it started to turn into if we get a cat then you have to take care of it. I felt like I was going to get my way and just was waiting till I found the one I wanted. I frequented the ksl ads multiple times a day. Never finding the one I had pictured in my head.
Jeff still wasn't convinced on getting another pet so he started to change the conversation to well what if we get a puppy instead. This was his plan all along, he never was going to let me get a kitty. I had always wanted a Christmas puppy, like on Lady and the Tramp when the cute little puppy jumps out of a box with a big red bow. Well two things wrong with this picture: 1.) puppies do not quietly stay in a box, ever. 2.) Its really hard to tie a bow and have it stay on a mischievous puppy or when Oakley is around. So instead I came home to a cute little puppy that came running to the door. She has been my lap dog ever since. (In fact she is fast asleep with her head on the computer right now.)
Some fun facts about Bailee
  • Her name was going to be Annie think Annie Oakley
  • She has many nicknames
    • Bai, Bailee Girl, little girl, tipper toes {the very tips of her back feet are white}, Fang {super sharp teeth}, stinker butt {she has really smelly farts}
  • She is absolutely fearless.
    • Most puppies are very caution, especially around big dogs and in new places. Bailee has challenged Oakley since day one and hasn't ever been afraid of our house.  She tackled the stairs from day one, at least going up. Down took some time, but mainly because she was so small.
  • She isn't too fond of the car. Oakley has loved the car since day one and its a forbidden word in our house as a result
  • She is really feisty in the morning and sometimes gets too rough with Oakley. Yepp, whenever their are cries from the dogs 90 percent of the time they are coming from Oakley. She bites his lip/ears/neck and then thrashes. If you tell her no and she doesn't like it she'll bark back as if to challenge you. Then you tell her again she'll sit down then run and hide in the kitchen or behind one of the couches.
  • She loves Oakley and has to know where he is at all times. At the park she spend the entire time trying to keep up with him and trying to keep up with him
  • She dances. She spins and jumps around all the time, especially for food. She now will do it on command. I'll get it on video soon and share.
  • Oakley never touched my shoes as a puppy....Bailee takes them every chance she can
  • She is smart and clever. She teases Oakley and sneaks up and stills whatever he has when he isn't looking. Oakley is going to have to learn to be more observant
  • She loves to cuddle if its her idea. She is always busy doing something
  • She is a great puppy and we are already completely in love with her.
The white on her back toes, is her tipped white toes.
She is really fast for being so little.
Getting warm in crazy cold weather.
She still wanted to play with Oakley, just needed some breaks to get warm again
Loves to give kisses
She has really big puppy dog eyes. She gets her way. ALOT.
Catching up to Oakley
Loves to dig in the snow...or anywhere for that fact
Nap time
They love each other
Needed a good pillow. Thanks brother
Being sneaky stilling wrapping paper on Christmas morning

Another bed hog of a dog. She is worse than Oakley ever was
Learning what it means to be potty trained by watching what Oakley does.
Another funny back sleeper. What is up with our dogs?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Edminster Christmas: 2012 Edition

As winter approached we started getting our house decked for Christmas early this year. I love the way Christmas decorations make our house feel all warm and cozy. This Christmas I thought would be uneventful, boring, and honestly kind of depressing. We have known since Jeff started his job in Utah County 2 years ago that this Christmas would suck. As the season approached we came to realize it was going to suck more than we had planned. Jeff was scheduled to work the weekend before Christmas, Christmas Eve, AND Christmas Day, each being a 12+ hour shift. Boo.  I kept telling myself that at least it wasn't our first Christmas as a married couple and that I wouldn't be alone since my mom spent the week with us. We just planned a really early Christmas morning and pretty low key Christmas morning, since we have been saving up for a new stove and new couch (both of which are headed for the crapper... and quickly).

She wasn't quite 7 weeks old. She was so tiny.
As the dreaded weekend approached things started to look up. I was so excited, but still was really sad about Christmas. If you know one thing about me is that I live for Christmas. It really isn't about the presents, I love the spirit of it. I love having family and friends close. Not to mention I love decorating my house, as a kid I dreamed my house would look like the Pottery Barn holiday catalog. Honestly, still do. Sorry got a little side tracked. So anyways the Friday before Christmas weekend approached I was at work as usual and came home to a wonderful surprise. Little miss Bailee. (I have another post where I will tell you more about our new family edition). She was a great Christmas surprise.

A sweet coworker agreed to switch shifts with Jeff so he could go to the Moosman Christmas party and have some sort of holiday. The Christmas party is always the Sunday before Christmas and Santa always comes to visit. Its always fun to see what the kids ask for and their is always something unexpected. The best part is that now that I am married... no more sitting on Santa's knee! The most memorable moment from this years party was Grandpa on Santa's knee.

The night before Christmas Eve we got a surprise call from Jeff's work saying they were so low on patients (hello! Who plans a surgery around Christmas) that they were going to put him on call for Christmas Eve. I literally jumped with glee. I had so much cooking to do for my mom's side's Christmas party and don't know what I would have done if he wasn't there.  I had volunteered my house for the party and to cook the dinner. Thankfully everything worked out for the party and had an amazing dinner. The night was filled with laughter and catching up. We played the game Things, which was a lot of fun. I recommend it for any group gathering of at least 6 people. Basically there are a ton of cards and each round there is a reader. Everyone else writes a response to what is on the card and then the reader reads them out loud and you try to figure out who said what. Some of the cards read:  what you shouldn't do with your mouth open, things you wouldn't want to find out about online, or things you should share over the dinner table. I thought the night was a lot of fun and want to do it again soon.
We celebrated with Christmas with my mom and step dad Chris, plus another new addition (not in our home) Nic, short for St. Nicholas. Chris found a couple week old baby kitty at his work right before Christmas and rescued it. He is so little he barely weighed a pound. My mom is completely in love with the little kitty. Oakley loved the kitty too, sometimes a little too much. Christmas morning we opened presents in our new pjs (left by the elves of course) and made a quick tasty breakfast.
He loved being up on her shoulder
Oakley wanted to play, but both Bailee and Nic were fast asleep together
They would paw at each other through the puppy gate.
Aren't they cute? Baby kitty and puppy
It was great to have Chris over, he works so much and we don't get to see him very much. We wish he would come over more. We had coconut crusted mahi-mahi tacos, I'll post the recipe soon, they are absolutely AMAZING!!! Chris was overly generous for Christmas giving us a gift card to home depot so we could get a new stove. Thank you so much Chris, you have no idea how much that meant to us and will help us out. We love you so much!!

We were spoiled this Christmas with a much needed pro shark vacuum, new clothes and shoes, 3 inches of memory foam for our bed (never want to get out of bed), I gave Jeff a Dremel and clothes, and the dogs got a giant bone and giant dog sausage for treats. Bailee loved the bows and wrapping paper. Oakley lives up to his paper shredding tendencies and was great at opening presents.
Christmas morning was great. Christmas night was eventful. We were waiting for my dad to come over and Jeff was trying to fix Oakley's medication spray bottle that was clogged. The knife slipped and sliced his finger really deep. Jeff kept telling me he thought he saw his knuckle bone and blood was everywhere. We jumped in the car and rushed for him to get stitches.  He ended up with 4 stitches and now has no feeling in a good portion of his finger. Fortunately, stitches was all that was required, because the doctor said where he cut could have caused him to not be able to bend his finger and would require surgery to repair.
Wednesday we went over to Jeff's parents house to celebrate Christmas with them. It was relaxing and fun just to spend time with everyone. Jeff's parents added 2 new members to their family too this year. I guess it was a trend. In October they adopted two brother Samoyeds, Kody II and Kenya,  they are 3 months older than Oakley. They are full of energy and always together. This year was special, because we got to spend it with our brother-in-law Lene. He is in the Navy and currently in Naples, Italy. We don't get to see him very often and we had really missed him. This year Jeff's parents had the idea to surprise Cathy for Christmas by bringing Lene back to the states. The whole family pitched in secretly and for weeks had to keep it a secret. It was great to have him down and wish he didn't have to go back to Italy. We were spoiled again by Jeff's parents and we got the food processer  that we have looked at for years. I was probably more excited than Jeff, but we have already put it to great use. Thank you!
Kody II
We were so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with both of our families and it turned out to be a wonderful Christmas.