Friday, June 27, 2014

Another OVERDUE Update!

I feel like the only time I'm on here is updating the past couple months at a time.
Maybe I just need to schedule time to blog into my schedule.
I have a feeling I'll have time to now- details to follow
Now for the updating part- bare with me this will be lengthy once again.
As far as my ACL recovery its definitely slowed down progress wise.
I guess that's to be expected seeing as there aren't as many big moments at this point.
My focus is strengthening and just general flexibility again.
I stopped having regular physical therapy appointments back in May.
What a relief on my time, body, and most of all pocket book.
Who knew surgery wasn't the expensive part?
 I can walk and go up and down stairs fine- slow but fine.
No running or jumping right now.
The biggest thing for me is it gets stiff if its not moving and it really hurts to kneel.
Anyone else who have had knee surgery experience this?
I was told by my surgeon that I probably will need to do a scar tissue scope in the future.
More surgery is not good news in any shape or form.
I'm happy that I can be back to my daily activities and don't think about it constantly.
I figure they said its a 9-12 month recovery and I'm only on month 4.
Big news with Jeffrey! He started a new job!
He is working as a Youth Counselor at the Juvenile Detention Center here.
Its an awesome opportunity that will give him great experience in his career field.
Not to mention he is loving it and learning lots.
Working 2 jobs, both graveyard shifts, makes our time together limited to say the least.
I feel like I never see him and if I do its figuring out dinner and kissing good bye.
Its hard, but its temporary and part of life.
We will just learn to schedule time together whenever we can.
He is such a hard worker and an amazing person.
I am so beyond proud of him in everything that he does.
He is truly an amazing person and I am the luckiest to be his wife.
I love you forever, babe!
My handsome boys.
That's the biggest things right now I can think of.
We need more excitement in our lives I guess.
Maybe some bigger things will be in our near future.
You'll just have to wait and see....
And just because they are just so gosh darn cute.
Here's a picture of a rare moment of them both asleep.
Oakley is asleep most of the time... Bailee not so much.