Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing the Waiting Game

So this week has been a major week of sorts... we found 4 different places that we love and put offers down on. The first is a cute little condo in Pleasant Grove, which when we put the offer in we were told another offer was in and we were a back up offer. Turns out nope the original offer never actually got submitted and ours got sent into the bank! The second place is this amazing townhome in a new development in Lehi, this is our favorite but there is 2 more offers above ours. So we'll see. The next two are actually in the exact same community in Orem. They are right by the school and are very exactly what we were looking for. We were the first on one of them and our offer got sent into the bank and the other we are the back up offer. So here we sit waiting to hear if any of them got accepted. Bad news is it could take up to June 30th to hear back from all, which would mean we would be moving stuff the week of our wedding. Not ideal I wanted to be moved in earlier and so Jeff won't have to commute to Utah County for work. Boo. Working with short sale properties really sucks for the waiting process, some people have taken over a year to get finalized. We really only have 4 so I'm crossing my fingers. So beware when dealing with short sales, the major benefit is you save a TON of money compared to regular listings. But who knows what's going to happen.... I'll keep it posted.

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  1. You'd be lucky to have a week. We couldn't move into our apartment until 2 days before our wedding. We were just happy to have our bed set up.


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