Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So I have to do a little bragging today. First off I want to say that I love my work and couldn't have found a better company to work for. To give you just a quick back story. As you know I have worked a ridiculous amount of overtime the last couple weeks. My work decided to do a contest and whoever had the most hours and the highest stats would get to go into the money machine. There is 500 people and they took the top 50 people. The top 50 would be given the opportunity to be in a money machine; i.e. the machine with money flying around crazy and you frantically grab everything you can. They took the top 50 and the top person go the most time and then it went down from there per person.

This is very similar to the machine we were in... just imagine crammed into a little conference room
 From some amazement beyond me I was at the top of the list. so I got 92 seconds in the machine and had to go first. I can't even tell you how nervous and clueless I was. I went in with absolutely no strategy and like 30 people watching... including some random camera crew (no idea what they were doing there.) So I got in with my awesome safety glasses and the monopoly money all went flying. I grabbed everything I could and just stuffed it down my shirt. In the middle the dollars stopped flying and i had to unclog the fan, but all was good. It went by really fast and was really intense.

All the money was blue monopoly money so you didn't know what you were grabbing. Half of the bills all said "sorry try again" and then the others either had gift cards to different places ranging from $50 to $250. Then there were prizes like grills, ipads, ipods, 43" flat screen tvs, and some other prizes. There were only 2 of each of the bigger prizes. Then there was 1 grand prize amongst the hundreds of bills $2000 dream vacation American Express gift card.  After all was said and done I got about $200 in gift cards (mostly American Express, 2 Walmart, and 2 gas gift cards); I got one of the tvs!!; and best of all I got the $2000 dream vacation!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I was to get that. Honeymoon paid for CHECK! Bad news.... all prizes have to be reported as taxed income at the end of the year. boo. Anyways, I couldn't be more excited. Jeff was super happy (he came with to watch) and I had to be interviewed by the random camera crew again. Not sure why they were there.

Also, engagements had to be rescheduled; due to the unpredictable random thunderstorms of Utah. That's alright still an AMAZING day!!!

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