Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Quick Capture of our Lives

It has been a very busy week and lots has happened! As you know we officially closed on our house and ever since then we have been planning and talking about all the things we want to do and all the things we need to buy. There is so much and I'm starting to feel like so little time to get all the stuff ready for when we are married, not to mention all the wedding planning and details. 

  • 3 of the 4 bridesmaid dresses came in! and They fit everyone perfect and absolutely love the color
  • I had my first fitting for my bolero. My seamstress is absolutely AMAZING. I told her exactly what I wanted and she would go to the back room for like 5 minutes and come back with a sleeve or the ruffle made so I could get an idea of what it would look like with my dress. 
  • Picked out all the flowers
  • Chose the wedding cake and wedding cake flavor
  • Picked out all the decorations for the ceremony, luncheon, and reception! 
  • Went over all the other little details for the wedding reception. 
  •  My dad came by and looked at how much carpet we are going to need. He offered to put brand new carpet and padding in our condo. 
  • We put our names in the utilities
  • We bought a new fridge! Took advantage of some the major sale at Home Depot
  • We've picked out different pieces of furniture that we'll need, i.e kitchen table, bedroom set, TV stand, etc. 
  • Got ideas for what we want in each room and color schemes. 
  • Bought a couple decor things that I couldn't resist for the kitchen
  • We have looked at the area where we are going to live and found some amazing places to explore. Including Sunflowers a organic whole food market. So in love!
 On the job front: Jeff starts his new job at Utah Valley Regional on June 27th! He is working in the surgery department and will be taking care of patients under observation after surgeries and doing wound care. He is so excited for the new position and for all the experiences he will gain from this new position. He is sad to be leaving the people and job at South Davis, because he loves them all! I wish we could move South Davis Hospital with us so he didn't have to leave.

I have been working crazy overtime hours at work and am completely exhausted. My work offered unlimited overtime for a span of a 2 week period. I have to be at work at 7am and leave by 10pm for 15 days straight. Its crazy and I've only about a 3rd of the way done. I just couldn't say no to all the money when we have so many expenses on our plates right now. Oh well, I love my job and it'll be worth it in the end. Not to mention they are doing additional crazy bonuses and big giveaways and you can win anything from a $2,000 dream vacation, gas grills, 43" flat screen tvs, and big money gift cards. At the end of it all the top people will get to win the big prizes AND spend some time in the money machine (like the ones on TV.) I love my job!


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