Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodbye Kody

Today was a very sad day for Jeff's family. 
They had to say  good-bye to a beloved family pet.
He was a beautiful white fluffy Samoyed. 
He was such a wonderful dog and everybody loved him.
His favorite thing was to be petted. 
You could be sitting in the living room or at the dinner table
All of the sudden you'd feel a little wet nose and your arm be pushed up
That was his sign: Please pet me!
He was so quiet, gentle, and so sweet. 
When Jeff's family adopted Kody about 5 years ago they also adopted another Samoyed named Ky
These two could always be found together
Seeing as Ky was really old he was almost completely blind and deaf
Kody watched over Ky to make sure he was always safe and in check
One time Ky got stuck in some deep snow and couldn't find his way back out
Kody walked along the snow where the ground was clear of snow
Then barked to guide Ky out and back to clear ground
Sadly, Ky died 2 years ago from old age and is now joined again with his dear friend
(On Ky's last days Kody never left his side)
I think the person who loved Kody the most was Dominic
Our adorable little nephew
He loved to chase him around in his little walker
Unfortunately, running over his paws a time or two
Dominic would just watch him whenever he was in the room
If he was close enough to touch he would take a grab at whatever part of him he could get his little hands on
Kody never cared and just let him do whatever he wanted. 

Kody was such a funny dog
He absolutely hated if you touched his paws 
He hated bath time and hated to be on his back to have his belly rubbed
He didn't really like any toys or bones
except when Oakley was around
He would pick up one of Oakley's bones in front of him and move it around the room
I imagine him in his head saying neener-neener-neener
(this was a forced picture, but Kody wouldn't look at Oakley)
Other than teasing Oakley, he didn't really want much to do with him
Though Oakley just wanted him to play back
When Oakley or the neighbor dogs would come over to play fetch or chase
Kody always seemed to want to play
He'd make sound and jump around
Yet, not quite sure what he was supposed to do
I hope you know that you will be greatly missed by everyone
We love you, Kody, Goodbye


  1. SO sorry for the loss, he seems like a great dog! It's amazing how close and attached you can get to your pets.
    {PS I don't know why I wasn't following you anymore?? but I'm back! :)}

  2. Awe thanks Ashley. He was a great dog. And thanks for following again I think it didn't carry over followers when I changed the URL address


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