Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Fever

In Utah its no secret we get married young and have babies quickly there after. 
I have friends who are pregnant with or just had their third baby!!!
We are the odd ones out with no babies. Except of course our two fur babies.
My fur babies are pretty cute though
Ever since we got married it seems babies are everywhere
The last couple months even more so
I am so happy for all my friends and family who are pregnant or new parents.
You are all making me want a baby, especially since the birth of our adorable niece Avery
We wish she wasn't on the other side of the globe! We are dying to meet her
Plus we want to wish our handsome nephew Dominic happy 2nd birthday!!!
We wish we could have been there and we miss you terribly!
Isn't she adorable? I can't believe how much Dominic has grown up!
Only a handful of people know that at the beginning of this year Jeff and I were trying to conceive
Obviously, nothing happened so NO we are not pregnant.... keep reading
We knew that it would take some time to get pregnant, I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2007
We weren't in a big rush and just followed my doctor's advice
However, life intervened
We had so many changes and new challenges that we decided to put it on hold.
I will be the first to admit that it was a really hard decision.
I really wanted to start our family, I still do
We decided it was not the right time after all
We realized we have dreams we want to accomplish before we bring children into the picture
We want to travel and to see the world 
not exactly easy to do with a child on your hip
We want Jeff to be hired on with one of the police agencies
Babies are expensive
I want to be the healthiest in all aspects of my life I can be
I still have to have that dreaded surgery, after all
We will wait at least a year and maybe two years before we add any more members to our family.

Babies will change our lives and we really cannot wait to be parents someday
In the mean time I will stifle my baby fever with visiting everyone else's adorable babies.


  1. I know what you mean. I'm 30 and Jim's 40 and we still haven't started. I'm pretty sure that everyone who I graduated with from high school has 12-year-olds by now. Everyone thinks we're crazy for waiting so long but there is a right time for every couple. I am with you - once you have kids, it's forever. I feel like I'll be a better mom if I don't have resentment or regrets! Good luck, and sorry for being the nerd who comments on all of your posts. LOL!

  2. I love your comments!! I feel like our blogs are how we keep up with each other's lives. In fact, you should tell Kristal that she should get back to blogging. I miss her postings too. I want to see a picture of her baby, who probably has grown a ton.


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