Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paint = Ruined Clothing

Part of getting ready for our renters to move in we needed to do a little painting
We wanted to cover some dings and nail holes
We also had some damage from the previous owners we never got around to fixing
We also had a hole in the wall that was made worse by Oakley
Part of owning a dog I guess
Generally, pretty easy fix and nothing to major
I thought I could just carry a little paint drip pan around with me and fix the spots that needed fixing
Easier said than done
Within the first couple strokes the plastic drip pan bent 
The ENTIRE thing of paint dripped down my sweatshirt, my new leggings, and onto my favorite pair of Toms
{They don't make my Toms anymore}
Heartbroken and covered in wet paint I just thought I'd ruined my entire outfit
Well thanks to the magic of the internet I decided to research how to remove dry latex paint from clothing
Multiple different sites suggest a variety of things
The only one I had experience using to remove stains, like pen ink, was rubbing alcohol
I thought I'd test out this method and share the results.
Major paint spill right? This is a week and a wash/dry later
Soak paint stained area in small bowl of rubbing alcohol
Wait 10 minutes

Use a little elbow grease 
Rub with cleaning rag {one you don't care if the stain transfers to}
Keep scrubbing until you see the stain disappearing
Side note: You might have to add a little more rubbing alcohol through the process

Rinse thoroughly with warm water
{rubbing alcohol is FLAMMABLE and needs to be out of your clothing before washing}
Wash your clothing as directed on the label

Before actually washing. Surprising right?
Enjoy your clothes again!

Side Note: It worked the best on my black pants, my white shoes it was an improvement, but didn't fix it completely. It could have been, because I didn't try to fix it until a week later so the stain REALLY set in. The quicker you act on ANY stain the better. Rubbing alcohol is also great at removing pen ink, but make sure you blot the stain DO NOT rub or it will just spread like wildfire.

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  1. Wow I didn't know this was possible! I have a pair of pants that I get to fix now!


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