Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

I was on a roll with posts, but its been a REALLY busy 2 weeks.
I started my new job with Ritz Carlton and LOVE IT!!!
Ritzy hotels and awesome people!
Not to mention the travel perks
Plus we have been doing finishing up our townhome for our renters, who moved in today!

I love Halloween. A Lot
I love decorating my house.
I love dressing up in costumes. especially when it comes to my dogs.
I even love carving pumpkins, minus the allergic reactions. 
I love the fall and all that it brings.
This year was lame. 
First of all, I had to work till 7 pm and Jeff had to GO to work at 7 pm.
We did NOT carve pumpkins for the first time, since we started dating 9 years ago!
I have NOT decorated my house at all, other than getting the boxes out.
I did, however, dress up my dogs
well at least Bailee... {Bailee destroyed Oakley's headless horseman costume the night before}
I did get a huge dose of Halloween at work
My coworkers are hilarious and so clever
We had some really elaborate costumes
my boss came in a Theater quality Marie Antoniette costume, sorry failed on a picture
Animal Themed... Zoo Keeper and all his animals
Hee Love her!, Really bad pictures off of my phone. but you still get the idea


  1. I want to hear more about this new job of yours! That is SOOOOOOO cool!!!

  2. Haha its a fun job and I am still loving it. We actually are coming to DC sometime in the next couple months to visit the properties I cover there and wanted to see you while I was in the area.


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