Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

I wish she was still this itty bitty
Today is our sweet little Bailee's birthday.
I can't believe its been almost a year since she joined our family.
Still sleeps like this today
She seems like she's been out of the puppy stage for a while, she stopped growing months ago
I thought she would be a big dog, like Oakley, but she only weighs 34 lbs
We believe that she might have a little or a lot of a black pointer.
Sleeping anywhere plush
She has a lot of that breeds traits/behaviors and looks just like a black lab pointer mix
Not to mention she is way small for being a pure bred lab
But then again she still is naughty at times. 
I feel like the year mark is when Oakley stopped {for the most part} his naughty shenanigans
Hanging with her best buddy
Bailee is such a funny dog with a very unique personality
She is a very lovey dog, she loves to give kisses and hugs to everyone
She doesn't really care to be petted, where Oakley that's all he wants
Bailee is pampered and she won't sleep on the floor without there being something to sleep on
She loves to sleep on anything plush and I frequently refer to her as "princess and the pea" 
She is sensitive and can get her feels hurt easily
She loves ANY toy, especially a wood stick {not matter the size, even a twig}
Hated car rides as a puppy, but LOVES them now
She has endless bounds of energy
We can be at the park for hours and she will run around full speed {which is VERY fast} non stop and still have plenty of energy
She is smart. Too Smart and it amazes me the things she figures out
Such a bird dog and little hunter
Outside she is very independent, but at home she has to be right next to me
She doesn't like when people wear hats and will remove it; then she'll lick your ear
She loves to dance, especially if food is involved.
She loves and adores Oakley and cries anytime when we separate them

Found a stick
Our home would not be the same without Bailee, or Pippers as I call her
We look forward to many more years with our two amazing dogs.

My love bug

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  1. Hahahaha Katie we have so much in common when it comes to our dogs! I could blog about Lucy all day long. Happy birthday, Bailee!! :)


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