Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introducing Oakley

True to my word...

Intruducing Oakley Edminster
He is a Golden Retriever/Lab puppy.
He has the long fluffy fur like a golden, but light cream and white markings like a lab.
He is so much fun and we love him so much.
We can't imagine our lives without him now.
He is super smart and can already sit, stay, lay, shake, high five, and knows up.
He has a little bit of a Marley in him, but has the sweetest demeaner.
He loves to cuddle and lay on our feet whenever he gets the chance.
He is loved by everyone and he loves people.
He loves to help me do laundry.
 He has crazy spirts of energy and is constantly making a laugh.
He sleeps in the most awkward and unusual positions.
I swear he has an identity crisis and sometimes thinks he's a cat.
He pounces and makes sounds like a cat; its the weirdest thing.
He doesn't like his bath or the hair drier. He still behaves himself though
... just gives you the "puppy face"  
We love him to pieces!


  1. Katie,

    Your blog is sooo cute! I LOVE dogs; congrats on your new addition! I'm very excited that we can keep in touch this way. I need to work on my new blog. I kinda threw it together because my family wanted to see the hurricane/flood pictures and my old blog reached its photo quota. I'll update soon - school's just keeping me super busy!


  2. Hey Katie! I was so excited to hear that you have a blog from Tiff! Congrats on getting married! Your wedding dress is beautiful! You and your hubby are so cute together. I totally remember hanging at the family garage sales- that was awesome!!! Ha ha! I've had fun looking at your pics and your cute blog!

  3. So cute! How did you get him to learn shake and high 5? We can't get adi to do either of those things for all the treats in the world. BTW if you're having trouble keeping him in the tub when bathing him put a spoonfull of peanut butter on the shower wall and while they lick it off they won't notice you washing them at all and won't mind the water. Promise.

  4. Thanks everyone! He has been so much fun and couldn't imagine life without him. I'm so happy to be able to keep in touch this way as well. Its been hard to keep in touch with everyone now that everyone is scattered around. My mom and I are planning on coming down to Arizona for a trip and we told Aunt Shirley we would stop by and see her and I hope I can get to see your two precious boys Kristal.

    Melissa, really it only took a day for him to catch on to actual shaking. I would say shake and stick my hand out then with my other hand put his paw in my hand then say shake again and give him a treat. Then I do that a bunch of times and then I wouldn't help him anymore. So he figured out if I give them my paw I get a treat. We didn't really teach him the difference betwen shake and high five for at least a week to two weeks so he could get shake and "other shake" down. Highfive I would put my hand out and he would try to shake so it was more just teaching him to touch it really quick and then put it down. Jeff was the one that got him good at that. Hope that helps!


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