Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Part 5: The Temple

Jeff and I took out our endowments, at the Bountiful Temple, the day before the wedding. It was an amazing experience and I developed a love for being going to the temple. The sense of peace of mind and self is so comforting. Our families came down to go through with us and that meant the world to us. I love my family and I know if I ever need someone that they will be there.

Jeff and I had to be at the Salt Lake Temple a good hour and a half before the actually sealing ceremony. We got to spend some time just us in the temple and that was so great on such a busy day.  Before we got sealed our sealer came to talk to us. He was really old, 92 to be exact, and didn't look to well. In mid sentence he looked like he was about to pass out and he stumbled into the room next to us. He came out a little bit later and said he had to leave. He left extremely slowly and bracing himself on the wall with every step. We hope he is okay, we never did find out. So at this point we were without sealer, but one of the lady's by us ran and went to go find someone else. We were lucky and about 15 minutes later they had found another guy and they fixed our paperwork. The other sealer had already signed our marriage certificate, so on it you can see where they used some white out or something to cover his name. A memory we will always have with us. In the end we were married and sealed together for all eternity. We couldn't be happier. 

Another funny story about our sealing was when we were getting ready to leave and our sealer said "Sister Edminster will you stand here." It didn't even occur to me that he was talking to me. I thought it was talking to Jeff's mom and so did she. Goodness, I am now Katie Edminster. That's so crazy, but I love the sound of it. We've been married now for over 2 months and I am still not used to it. Part of that is probably, because at work I still have to use my maiden name. 

After the temple we did the temple picture thing, of course. Here are some of the pictures taken. Enjoy! 
Coming out of the temple

Kissing as man & wife!

Mr. & Mrs. Edminster
We did it!!!
I spy with my little eye: Stephen. Can you find him in other pictures? lol
Jeff & his mom

Jeff & his dad

My sweet grandma Nanny

Family that came to the temple!

Me & Ashley

Jeffrey & Dano
My escort for the day Kelly!

Lyn Donovan (Makaela's Mom) she was with us throughout the whole day too!

Jeff & David

Me & Makaela

Can you tell we are Ute fans yet?

Awe...Jamone! We love him!
So remember how I told you about Allison? {If not you can read about it here} Well she finally made it right as we were setting up for our first picture! Great timing! She had all her bags in tow, because she had to be dropped off right at the temple.
Just about to take the first picture

David ran to help her get all her bags

Jeff ran to meet his sister. She'd been away for more than 4 months

Cute brother-sister moment
She made it!

No one missed Allison more than her mom

Now we had everyone and could take pictures again!
Friends and Family

Distance shot of Friends and Family

Look at how cute the flower girls are

Haha kissing picture

OH David....
I thought this was a cool picture

Extended family

With the Fosters {minus Dani}

Bride's Parents & Grandparents {Minus the Longson Grandma}

Moosman Side

My immediate family

Jeff's Immediate Family

That's it for family and friend pictures. Here are our formal wedding pictures.

One of our favorite pictures haha

Jeff was the one to teach him this


Love Always, 


  1. Wow; you had a great photographer! I love your shoes - adorable! I think I told you I took out my endowments in Bountiful, too. Isn't it beautiful? You all look so happy. Congratulations!

  2. Yes, your photographer is amazing! I get chills down my spine when I see these pictures; there's just something so powerful and wonderful about seeing the gorgeous temple in the background. You guys look awesome and I've had so much fun reading all of these parts that led up to your big day! I really wish that we could have been there. Congratulations, you're a cute couple! :)

  3. Thank you! You two are so sweet! I wish you guys could have been there too.


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