Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do as the {Seniors} Do

 Over the last few weekends we have been putting in some blood, sweat, and tears into our backyard. 
Yes, we have a backyard. 
Small but one known the less
When we moved in the backyard had been severely neglected by the previous owners. 
{which considering how much cleaning and dusting we had to do when we moved in... it isn't a surprise}
I grew up with a GIANT garden filled with vegetables. 
Now that I'm married I wanted to take that with me. Kind of
Now to understand you must take a gander at this picture. 
Rough shape right? This is after some weeds and NOT so little trees were taken out
Yeah.. trees

Some newly purchased tools to help get the job done. 

I'm sure Jeff would like me to add that there is at least 6 inches deep of rocks and think hard clay. 
I'm sure if he knew how much work it was going to be
It would have told me "no." 
Or at least thought about it more
 I can't thank my husband enough 
It took 2 Saturdays
25-30 trips to the dumpster
(which is near the entrance of our town home community) 
carrying 40 {plus} pounds of rocks and dirt each time. 
Not to mention the digging and breaking through all the clay (yuck)

This is after a good solid hour of constant work, at least
The amount of rocks was unbelievable
Well this weekend we finished our garden completely. 
Whoot... whoot!
I'm so excited to have my own garden
Hopefully, I don't kill it..yikes

This is after all the bags of soil, mulch, and fertilizer are added.
You can tell our next project is a new lawn and pulling the weeds from the other side of the air conditioner.

Just a few of our many flowers and vegetables
More flowers and some of the herbs for my herb garden {For details click here}
My favorite vegetables are tomatoes (by far), cucumbers, and zucchini
So naturally I have 4 tomato plants
Remember there is only 2 of us, and Jeff doesn't really like tomatoes

This roma tomato plant is HUGE. Already has buds and flowers. 
I'm expecting fruit within a week or two
We'll see

1 zucchini plant and 1 cucumber plant
Cucumber plant

Zucchini plant... pretty little. In 3 days its triple the size now

 I wanted to plant 2 of each, but I learned they take up twice as much room as tomato plants
and the little, old man promised it would provide more squash than I could eat
Jeff loves salsa
meaning... I have to bottle it now that I am the wife
and we both love roasted bell peppers
So naturally the remaining space in our garden includes:
2 bell pepper plants

1 yellow wax pepper plant

1 jalapeño plant

Heck yes I figured out the little ~ over the n! Peanut would be proud
Don't know who Peanut is? Shame on you. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2. Trust me... watch both 
After everything was planted and Jeff added some decorative dividers
Here is our garden

This seriously made a huge difference in cleaning up the yard. 
I learned that pretty flowers are my weakness
2 hanging plants... one beginning GIANT. no joke

There are these little purple flowers tucked away

We have dahlias, the flower that my entire wedding was based around

a Dick Clark rose bush

Some Gerber daisies

some other flowers I don't know what they are called

Funny side note: Oakley
Now if you have met our {not-so} little retriever
He is a curious one and wants to be in the middle of whatever we are doing
We compromised with him
Yes, with our dog
How can you not love this dog?
He just stayed all day like this watching every move we made.
He's a good boy. 

Must of the time

Love Always,

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