Friday, May 25, 2012

Goals to Success

I decided for the best chance of success that I need to motivate myself in as many ways as possible. I decided that if I make a series of goals to mark each of my accomplishments then that will be a good source of motivation. I don't want to put goals for each step yet. I want to do it in series so I can be as realistic as possible. So here is my goals so far. 

My Weight Loss Goals

  • 5 pounds 
    • New craft project
  • 10 pounds 
    • New pair of shoes
  • 15  pounds 
    • Get my hair done
  • 20  pounds 
    • Buy side table for living room
  • 25 pounds
    • New workout clothes
  • 30 pounds
    • Weekend getaway to Park City

Reach my goal weight
  • Get some new clothes
  • Family pictures
  • Caribbean Cruise Vacation

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