Monday, April 25, 2011

White Bunnies

Since I am my mom's only child Easter hasn't been all that exciting for years now. Actually, I haven't been home for the last 4! Hahaha. For some reason we have always been in Vegas for the last 3 Easters; Jeff included. Well this year we were home, but Jeff had to work a 13 hour shift!!! Goodness, I don't know how he does it. (In case you didn't know he is the hardest working employee. He works 4 days in a row, all 12+ hour shifts. Poor guy.) Anyways I hung out with my mom and got a pedicure on Saturday and a new dress for church/work. After Jeff finally got off work we ate an delicious meal with Jeff's starving family. Jeff's sweet parents included me on a family tradition: white chocolate bunnies. Apparently, for every year since they had kids they give each a white chocolate bunny. Nothing big, but sweet of them to include me with a sweet little card.

Well this cute white bunny made me start thinking more about traditions. I always thought of traditions on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but never really for other holidays. So here we go another blog about traditions. I'm so excited to start my own family traditions. What are you Easter traditions that you want to keep in your family. We never really had many in mine and want there to be some when we have kids. Any ideas? Do share.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing the Waiting Game

So this week has been a major week of sorts... we found 4 different places that we love and put offers down on. The first is a cute little condo in Pleasant Grove, which when we put the offer in we were told another offer was in and we were a back up offer. Turns out nope the original offer never actually got submitted and ours got sent into the bank! The second place is this amazing townhome in a new development in Lehi, this is our favorite but there is 2 more offers above ours. So we'll see. The next two are actually in the exact same community in Orem. They are right by the school and are very exactly what we were looking for. We were the first on one of them and our offer got sent into the bank and the other we are the back up offer. So here we sit waiting to hear if any of them got accepted. Bad news is it could take up to June 30th to hear back from all, which would mean we would be moving stuff the week of our wedding. Not ideal I wanted to be moved in earlier and so Jeff won't have to commute to Utah County for work. Boo. Working with short sale properties really sucks for the waiting process, some people have taken over a year to get finalized. We really only have 4 so I'm crossing my fingers. So beware when dealing with short sales, the major benefit is you save a TON of money compared to regular listings. But who knows what's going to happen.... I'll keep it posted.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How MSN Messenger Changed Our Lives Forever

Isn't it amazing how one day changes your life forever, without you knowing it at the time. On April 14, 2005 it was the first night of spring break my freshman year of school. There were parties going on all over and I was spending the week at a friend's house. I had been texting Jeff sporadically for the last few months and we had only met briefly one night in the dark. Nothing major. He had texted me that night asking if we could hang out that night, being 15 he couldn't drive so my friends and I went to pick him up from a Bountiful high party. We went back to my friends house and decided to watch a scary movie, Jeeper's Creepers.

I remember thinking how awkward it was, because I hadn't hung out with Jeff before and he acted kind of weird. We were sitting on the couch talking and he laid his head down in my lap. Seriously, how weird is that! Oh the awkward opposite sex moments of our teenage years. Anyways, we ended up talking more and cuddling towards the end of the night. We texted all day the next day playing the infamous question game over text and hung out every night. On April 18th he asked me to be his girlfriend, over msn messenger I might add, and I agreed. A insignificant night and decision over msn messenger that would change the course of my life forever.

We just celebrated our last dating anniversary at 6 years. We will be getting married exactly 4 months later. I honestly cannot wait to be sealed together for all eternity. I love you honey and I'm so happy you grew out of that awkward teenage boy ;-). We have so many exciting adventures just around the corner! Love you forever and always. Happy Anniversary

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Absolutely Heartbroken

Jeff and I have spent a lot of our days off searching for a place to call home. There have been a lot that we thought we could live in and that would work for our situation. However, we never got the excited decision or we never LOVED anywhere. That is until yesterday. We spent the day following our amazing Realtor around Utah County and when we got to this cute little condo... it was perfect in every way! It was the right price, great location, close to the freeway, close to the hospital for Jeff, it had 3 bedrooms 2 baths, huge kitchen and living room, an amazing laundry room (since I know I'll be spending some quality time in there). Basically it was everything we had wanted in a place. The seller's agent had told ours that there were no offers and so we were going to put an offer down on it today. I was so excited that I even got a little teary eyed. Well we just found out that the seller's agent lied!!! How dare he! There is 3 offers already on it and one of them is the owners friend and they are going to sell to them. So from finding the perfect place to nothing. We are absolutely devastated!! Oh how I hate trying to find a place to live.

P.S We started the registering process yesterday and we thought it would be easy and fun going around just scanning things with a gun. Oh how we were wrong. We spent 2 long hours in the store and only tackled kitchen stuff. Oh my goodness can you say overwhelming.