Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Absolutely Heartbroken

Jeff and I have spent a lot of our days off searching for a place to call home. There have been a lot that we thought we could live in and that would work for our situation. However, we never got the excited decision or we never LOVED anywhere. That is until yesterday. We spent the day following our amazing Realtor around Utah County and when we got to this cute little condo... it was perfect in every way! It was the right price, great location, close to the freeway, close to the hospital for Jeff, it had 3 bedrooms 2 baths, huge kitchen and living room, an amazing laundry room (since I know I'll be spending some quality time in there). Basically it was everything we had wanted in a place. The seller's agent had told ours that there were no offers and so we were going to put an offer down on it today. I was so excited that I even got a little teary eyed. Well we just found out that the seller's agent lied!!! How dare he! There is 3 offers already on it and one of them is the owners friend and they are going to sell to them. So from finding the perfect place to nothing. We are absolutely devastated!! Oh how I hate trying to find a place to live.

P.S We started the registering process yesterday and we thought it would be easy and fun going around just scanning things with a gun. Oh how we were wrong. We spent 2 long hours in the store and only tackled kitchen stuff. Oh my goodness can you say overwhelming.

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