Monday, April 25, 2011

White Bunnies

Since I am my mom's only child Easter hasn't been all that exciting for years now. Actually, I haven't been home for the last 4! Hahaha. For some reason we have always been in Vegas for the last 3 Easters; Jeff included. Well this year we were home, but Jeff had to work a 13 hour shift!!! Goodness, I don't know how he does it. (In case you didn't know he is the hardest working employee. He works 4 days in a row, all 12+ hour shifts. Poor guy.) Anyways I hung out with my mom and got a pedicure on Saturday and a new dress for church/work. After Jeff finally got off work we ate an delicious meal with Jeff's starving family. Jeff's sweet parents included me on a family tradition: white chocolate bunnies. Apparently, for every year since they had kids they give each a white chocolate bunny. Nothing big, but sweet of them to include me with a sweet little card.

Well this cute white bunny made me start thinking more about traditions. I always thought of traditions on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but never really for other holidays. So here we go another blog about traditions. I'm so excited to start my own family traditions. What are you Easter traditions that you want to keep in your family. We never really had many in mine and want there to be some when we have kids. Any ideas? Do share.

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