Monday, September 20, 2010

{5 Month Countdown}

We've been counting down to this weekend for a while. Why you ask? Jeff's little brother David was coming home from Alaska! He left in May to go work up as a bellhop at the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge. Jeff's older sister Allison has spent many summers working up at this lodge and now it was David's turn. Jeff's entire family went to visit Allison a couple summers ago at the lodge and they all fell in love. Jeff's parents dream of opening a bed and breakfast in Alaska and Jeff wants us to take a vacation up there. Below are some pictures of the lodge and the area. Its definitely an extremely beautiful place that I will visit some day.

So David was scheduled to come in early Friday morning on his flight, however, David did not look at his ticket and thought he wouldn't be home till Saturday morning. Fortunately, I told Jeff to text David and make sure he was ready for his flight. David hadn't arranged a ride and his flight left in 4 hours....and he was at least 3 hours away from the airport. Sadly, David wasn't able to make his flight and didn't get shuttled to Anchorage till Saturday morning. He was put up into a hotel and finally made in home Sunday Morning. I know David and Jeff are really close and it was good they got to spend the whole day together.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Jammin'} at the Park

As any Saturday in the Fall, Jeff and I spend a lot of the day watching football. This weekend was slightly different, because we both had a lot of errands to run before the U of U game started. I had to get a new phone and Jeff needed to go get safety and emissions done on his car. We went to the Foster's house to watch the game. The Utes won again, because they are amazing! A bonus was our favorite little boy Jamone, aka Jammin, was there and we got to spend the day playing games with him. It was definately tiring keeping up with a three year old boy.

After the game we took Jamone to Five Points Park, in Bountiful. We played on the playground and just messed around doing whatever he wanted to do. He loved to play 'monster,' except when he wasn't the monster he'd run to me and say I'm scared. Playing with Jamone makes both of us really excited to be able to take our own children to the park someday.

Jeff being obsessed with football and the Utes, he has passed these traits down to Jamone. If you were to ask Jamone what color a red object was he would instantly reply, "Utah Red." Jeff and Jamone will play football outside for hours and hours. Jeff is definately trying to get that boy to be raised as a Utah Ute Football player.

Friday, September 10, 2010

In Need of a Fast Forward Button

In life I have noticed there are times when you become so preoccupied with everything that is going on you find yourself saying, "where did the time go...." However, there are times where time seems to move extremely slow and you just want to hit that fast forward button till better or just more eventful times.

Lately, I have been wrapped up in school work and service projects that time doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Everyday seems to be the same with no real adventure or excitement. I spend a lot of my time lately daydreaming about not the actual wedding day, but just being married and the day to day stuff. I can't wait for all the adventures that we have ahead of us and I think it makes time move slower.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Completely Legal

Yesterday was my 21st birthday, which makes me feel old. I was amazed from the early morning hours how many people remembered my birthday and wanted to wish me a great day. It made me realize that I am really lucky to have so many people that care and love me. I love you all and thank you it meant a lot to me. This year to me was the last big milestone for a long time and I knew this was the last birthday I would have living with my mom. Since I was very little my mom always made a big deal of my birthday, I always did something big or had some amazing party she would plan for months. I am so blessed to have a mom who cares so much and has made a lot of sacrifices for me over the years. I love her and couldn't ask for a better mom.
These are pictures from I believe my 3rd birthday party! I thought it was fun to go back and remember some of my favorite memories. I always had really cool cakes, this was the last cake I had that was an actual cake from here on out I had an ice-cream cake, because I hate cake. My birthday's could be a Baskin Robin's commercial.

Anyways, I had plan on going to Vegas with Jeff and my mom this year for my birthday, but it just didn't work out. It also happened that the University of Utah's opening game was the same day as my birthday and that Jeff wouldn't want to miss the game. I thought I would spend my entire birthday at school and then watching a football game. My mom and Jeff took me to dinner at the Melting Pot, which is a local really nice fondue restaurant. It really was amazing and a lot of fun.
When I got done with school we headed up to the Foster's house to watch the football game as planned and we were both excited to see the team this year. When we pulled up to their house everything was dark and I thought they were still at the Woods Cross Sophomore game (which they won, good job boys!) When I went to turn on the lights I was startled by everyone yelling surprise! Jeff had arranged with everyone secretly to surprise me. It was so sweet of them and it was a great night. Thank you everyone and I will never forget it. I am so happy that I got to spend my birthday with the people that to me are family, love you all! Plus Utah won in an amazing game! I'm excited for the start of a great football season and I know the Utes will be outstanding this year!