Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Jammin'} at the Park

As any Saturday in the Fall, Jeff and I spend a lot of the day watching football. This weekend was slightly different, because we both had a lot of errands to run before the U of U game started. I had to get a new phone and Jeff needed to go get safety and emissions done on his car. We went to the Foster's house to watch the game. The Utes won again, because they are amazing! A bonus was our favorite little boy Jamone, aka Jammin, was there and we got to spend the day playing games with him. It was definately tiring keeping up with a three year old boy.

After the game we took Jamone to Five Points Park, in Bountiful. We played on the playground and just messed around doing whatever he wanted to do. He loved to play 'monster,' except when he wasn't the monster he'd run to me and say I'm scared. Playing with Jamone makes both of us really excited to be able to take our own children to the park someday.

Jeff being obsessed with football and the Utes, he has passed these traits down to Jamone. If you were to ask Jamone what color a red object was he would instantly reply, "Utah Red." Jeff and Jamone will play football outside for hours and hours. Jeff is definately trying to get that boy to be raised as a Utah Ute Football player.

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