Monday, September 20, 2010

{5 Month Countdown}

We've been counting down to this weekend for a while. Why you ask? Jeff's little brother David was coming home from Alaska! He left in May to go work up as a bellhop at the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge. Jeff's older sister Allison has spent many summers working up at this lodge and now it was David's turn. Jeff's entire family went to visit Allison a couple summers ago at the lodge and they all fell in love. Jeff's parents dream of opening a bed and breakfast in Alaska and Jeff wants us to take a vacation up there. Below are some pictures of the lodge and the area. Its definitely an extremely beautiful place that I will visit some day.

So David was scheduled to come in early Friday morning on his flight, however, David did not look at his ticket and thought he wouldn't be home till Saturday morning. Fortunately, I told Jeff to text David and make sure he was ready for his flight. David hadn't arranged a ride and his flight left in 4 hours....and he was at least 3 hours away from the airport. Sadly, David wasn't able to make his flight and didn't get shuttled to Anchorage till Saturday morning. He was put up into a hotel and finally made in home Sunday Morning. I know David and Jeff are really close and it was good they got to spend the whole day together.

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