Saturday, October 2, 2010

Playin' in PC

This past week my family spent the week at the Marriott Mountainside! It was a much needed escape from school, work, and life in general. The first night we were up there Jeff invited one of his co-workers Chris and his wife Shae to dinner with us and later we went hot tubing. It was fun to meet new people and have a night out with another couple. They were a lot of fun and we hope to do something again with them soon.

Most of the time up there we spent hanging out on Main Street, trying different restaurants, and hanging out by the pool. On Friday though we spent the day with my family. We spent 3 hours playing water volleyball. We ended up getting sunburned and VERY waterlogged, but it was worth it. Jeff had never been on any of the attractions that the resort has to offer. We chose to do the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster, because everything was pretty expensive and these seemed like the most fun. Let me just say this...Jeff is CRAZY and suicidal on rides. I went before Jeff on the coaster and they put a good distance between riders, but that didn't stop Jeff. He didn't think the speed that he got with pushing his arms forward was fast enough so he used his foot to push the lever even farther. He caught up to me extremely quickly and yelled for me to go faster. I was going as fast as I could without feeling like I was going to die. Needless to say he will be going ahead of me for future rides. It was a great weekend and absolutely beautiful with all the leaves changing for fall, so if you get the chance take a drive up to Park City in the next week.

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