Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our First Dinner Party

Jeff's entire family were going to Lake Powell and due to work Jeff wasn't able to go and had the house to himself. We decided to take the opportunity and host our first couple's dinner party. We invited my best friend Dani and her boyfriend Stephen, as well as, Chris and Shae from Jeff's work. Since we all love sushi we decided to make sushi and some Chinese food.
We don't ever do anything half fast, especially for Jeff when it comes to cooking. I'm more of a baker and fortunately Jeff is an amazing cook. Jeff has inherited his parents joy and passion for cooking. He got all the stuff needed for making sushi, which came in helpful. Jeff made teriyaki marinade for the chicken to sit on while we were at the Oriental supermarket. Jeff made miso soup from scratch, which was absolutely fantastic! I was over the tempura vegetables and the actual sushi.
Unfortunately, Chris and Shae were not able to come. Danielle and Stephen kept us extremely entertained during the cooking process and the cleaning process. I have to say I am so lucky to have a man who loves to cook and cook everything from scratch. I love to cook, but I love that he is willing and loves to do it too. Anyways, It was a great night and I can't wait to host our next couples party...hopefully with more notice and people.

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