Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins Through the Years

A tradition almost every household has at halloween time is pumpkin carving, except mine. I was such a busy child and an only child I never remember carving pumpkins. Jeff's family however always carved pumpkins as a group. When Jeff and I started dating we carved our first pumpkins together as a dance day activity in my back yard. Since then we have continued that tradition.
First Pumpkin Carving, 6 years ago

Senior year carving, 3 years ago

Jeff takes his pumpkin carving seriously and does an amazing job. He always picks the most difficult and scary pattern to do. I am a perfectionist so I try a medium pattern that is usually fun and crazy. Last year I did a buck-tooth monster and Jeff did a creepy scarecrow. This year I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do a harder pattern, especially since I found the perfect shaped pumpkin.

Jeff's pumpkin was huge that he just couldn't pick just one pattern, he ended up doing 3! Mine was originally just the house, but I decided to add the ghosts to make it take up the pumpkin and have a little fun appeal.

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