Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating

This year we didn't plan to do anything exciting, no dressing up or partying. We just planning to watch the Utes game and hang out with friends like we do every game night. The game was definitely an exciting one and kept us on the edge of our seats till the end. Yet, Utes pulled out another victory and are still undefeated! Go Utes!
Our night was filled with costumes and trick or treating after all. We got to play with Jamone all night and take him trick or treating. Earlier in the day Jamone was a pirate and went with Dani to get candy at South Davis Community Hospital. We were afraid he wouldn't get to go door to door, because it was an absolute down pour. It sorta cleared up and we decided to take him. Jamone started out as a pirate, but didn't like the eye patch and his outfit wasn't warm enough to go outside. So he went from being a pirate, to a power ranger, to a gangster, police man, and finally a Utes football player. The Foster's had cute little toddler football shoulder pads. He forgot his coat so we put him in one of Dani's sweatshirts and rolled up the sleeves and then put Jeff's jersey over the pads and sweatshirt. We ended up having to pin the sleeves and tie it up in the back cause obviously it looked like a dress on him. Since it was still raining we decided to take a car around to stay somewhat dry and warm. Jamone and I went door to door. He wasn't very good at saying trick or treat and sometimes he would just say Utah and point at his jersey. He was scared of pretty much everyone else in costumes and of any house that had decorations or pets. He was a good sport and loved getting candy. I think every house gave him extra candy for being so cute. It was funny that a lot of the houses thought he was my child, makes me feel old. It was a lot of fun to take a little kid trick or treating and we can't wait to take our own kids. This video is Jeff teasing Jamone when he wrapped him up like a burrito.
When we got back Jamone's brothers and their friends were scaring him with this creepy scarecrow mask. Jamone was terrified and went straight to Jeff and buried his head in his lap. He ended up falling asleep and spent the rest of the night on his lap. He hadn't even take off his sweatshirt or pads yet. When he woke up he stayed on his lap and watched Hocus Pocus with us. It was a great Halloween and better than any party we could have gone to.

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