Friday, November 5, 2010

Babies Galore

Its no secret that I have a huge family on my dad's side. HUGE might even be an understatement; last time someone gave me a count it was in the 80s and my 70 something year old grandmother is going to be a great great grandmother at the beginning of next year. Since everyone lives in Utah county I don't get to see them very much and its hard to keep track of names and who each baby belongs to. Jeff's entire family, including extended family members, consists of maybe 20 people. When he came to our first family party he didn't know what to do or who was who. I still have to break down who people are and how they are related. I love my family and wouldn't change a thing.

We have always joked that every year there are 2 babies added to our family. This year that has grown. There is a group of cousins that grew up really close and between each baby there being a couple months or so. Now that we are all in our 20s the baby boom has begun. We added sweet Paisley to our family at the beginning of this year. Today my little cousin Cassidee had her little baby girl Addalynn Belle. Congratulations Cassi! I'm glad you and the baby are doing well.

Now there are still 3 more Moosman babies to come!

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