Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holidays and Growing up

When you are a kid you don't really have a choice of where and what you do on holidays; you're parents have already decided and you just go where you are taken. Well Jeff and I have really realized that this is all about to change. I have two big families where I have always had to split my time on holidays. This has always made my holidays very hectic and involved a lot of driving around. As for Jeff, his family has a lot of traditions they do on holidays just as their family unit, because he's family is really small and he only sees the one set of cousins really. However, this year that is all about to change. We decided this is the first year that we are really going to be playing a balancing act between three families and work. This year Jeff has to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, which really sucks. Fortunately, he gets off work at 3:00. We are going to Thanksgiving this year at the Edminster's and the Longson's possibly for pie. The Moosman's do their Thanksgiving over the weekend after Thanksgiving Day, which works for our large family and easier to work around as a whole family. As for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we still have a lot of kinks to work out so we will see how that all works out when it gets closer. Wish us luck!

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