Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last weekend we rang in the harvest season by spending the evening screaming, sweating, and scared to death. Jeff and I make sure every year we go to at least one haunted house. Anyone who knows me knows that I get scared very easy.... bugs, spiders, snakes, load sounds, creepy guys, you name it. In a haunted house the worst part for me is the rooms with the creepy clowns and Jason with his chainsaw. Unlike most people I have a reason why these actors freak me out. When I was four my mom took me with Chris and his daughter to Nightmare on 13th. I spent the entire time with my eyes closed and my face buried in Chris's shirt. I distinctly remember opening my eyes and a creepy clown inches from my face. Finally, at the end they had Jason at the end guarding the exit with his stupid chainsaw. I remember diving under the chainsaw and running through the parking lot. Ever since then I can't stand clowns or Jason.
We were going with a bunch of people and not one of them could decided which of the dozen haunted houses to go to. Finally, we decided on the Nightmare on 13th because we had coupons, it was close, and they claim to have the scariest and best haunted house in Utah and in the Nation. They have been featured on the Travel Channel a couple years in a row and none of us had been in years or ever. Here is a clip from the Travel Channel.
My thoughts on this particular haunted house are that things were in fact well done, but lacked in the actors. Every room is elaborately decorated and there are motion sensors everywhere that are ready to spray you with disgusting substances. However, majority of the rooms either had mechanical people or actors who didn't really interact with the people. Even the "chainsaw" part was lame. The guy stood in the corner and didn't go after anyone and it was just a small ordinary room, nothing special. The really cool part was before you went in the haunted house they took 3 different pictures of your entire group with 1 of 3 different "characters." We had the infamous Freddy Krueger. We had a blast that weekend and it was full of laughs and screams. Braedon even groped and air humped one of the actors while waiting in line. It isn't the best haunted house in town, but a fun time. Want to go to the best haunted house that is worth the money and the drive...The Haunted Forest in American Fork. Spend hours trekking through real woods and going underground where anything and everything jumps out of all directions providing the best scare. We are going this next weekend and we're all excited!

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