Monday, October 25, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Since Jeff and I were living in Cedar City we wanted to go camping in Snow Canyon. We attempted it once, while we were down there, but it was so unbelievably hot that our puppy couldn't even walk on the ground. When we found out Jeff has 3 day weekends every other weekend we thought it would be a great chance to go camping. Well as many of our plans didn't happen/changed. We decided to go to VEGAS!!
We left Friday after work with my mom and stayed in Cedar City. It was so strange to be back to the town I called home for over a year. As much as I love Salt Lake this time of the year really makes me miss SUU and the area down there. Its absolutely beautiful with all the bright leaves everywhere. My mom was happy to be down south again, she hates living in Salt Lake.
We left Saturday morning for Vegas. We spent the day walking around the strip. We at dinner at the buffet at TI. I hadn't been there since it was called Treasure Island and Jeff had never been. The food was really good and an entertaining atmosphere. Before we went to dinner everyone we asked about said it had the best dessert out of any of the buffets, since Jeff isn't big on dessert it wasn't a big thing to us. However, Jeff couldn't resist these cute little donuts. It gave me the idea that when we have kids and have to bring treats to school that at least once I will bring little homemade donuts.
Throughout the trip we used the 1/2 booths for dinner and activities, it saved us a ton of money. We ended up at the Stratosphere and rode the rides. I rode the rides my sophomore year and didn't think much about them. This year I was a total chicken and was scared to death, I'm not exactly comfortable with heights. The rides were fun and it was nice to see Jeff was even a little nervous. Sunday we went to Lago's Buffet at Caesar's Palace, we've been there a couple times in the past. The food is amazing and well worth the money. If you go to Vegas we would both highly recommend it, especially if it is a holiday weekend. We were planning on going to the Secret Gardens to see the baby white tigers and the white lions, but missed the time the baby's were out for the public. Did you know there was such thing as a white lion? We didn't. We ended up walking the strip and going to the Titanic Artifact Expedition at the Luxor Hotel, another thing we both hadn't been to. Since I was in elementary school I have been very intrigued by the story and time period of the Titanic. The movie is one of my favorites. I didn't really know what to expect from the museum and was worried it wasn't going to be worth our time or money. Boy was I wrong. It was incredible! When you start they give you a boarding pass with a real passenger's name and story. Jeff and I got brothers, they were second class passengers. They were on the Titanic, because the ship they were supposed to be on was cancelled due to the coal crisis. They were 21 and 24 years old, at the end we found out they died on the Titanic. This whole experience really made you have a great appreciation and respect for passengers. You also felt the luxury and time period. They reconstructed parts of the Titanic, like the deck, grand staircase, and the hallway to the third class rooms. We got to take our picture on the staircase, but we weren't willing to pay $20. It was really cool to see the condition of the artifacts. There was even a champagne bottle that was till full. There were passenger's stories everywhere that were fun to read. I didn't want to leave the deck, it really made you feel like you were there. There is even a giant piece of the actual ship on display. Obviously, we thought highly of this exhibit.
It was a great get away and can't wait to go back again. We are actually planning to go back in December if Utah goes to the Las Vegas Bowl. We want to go see Lion King and Phantom of the Opera next trip!

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