Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oakley: The Retriever

He loves him some football
Oakley is the quirkiest dog I have ever seen.

He can be the craziest dog or the sweetest most mellow dog on the planet.
He sleeps upside down and twisted
Has since he was a little puppy 

There is very few things that we have found that he doesn't like to eat. 
He will do Anything for food
Despite the fact that he is 60 {plus} pounds he thinks he is a tiny dog.
He will come and sit on either of our laps like he belongs there. 
He isn't afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks doesn't even pay attention to them at all
{Maybe because he was born on the 4th of July}
He adores laundry baskets
He was so fluffy and little
If there is ever an empty basket he can get to... its play time
Now he's too big and can only sit in them
When it is time for bed he won't go upstairs unless I'm going upstairs
I'll say bedtime and he will search for a bone 
Then he will wait at the bottom step until he's sure I'm coming
He does like any dog have his naughty moments... some are very memorable
First day of Spring Semester
The dog... Literally... ate Jeff's homework
and binder, syllubuses, and any other papers he could get to
Lesson learned keep things off of the counters and tables when he is home alone
I don't understand why...
He thinks he is a paper shredder
Apparently, I didn't completely learn that lesson. 
I was dying some chocolate with food coloring and had to go to class
Jeff would be home from work maybe 5-10 minutes after I left 
Just enough time for some mischief
Oakley got a hold of the neon food coloring
Mostly the blue one, but some green and purple mixed in
In less than 10 minutes
Oakley managed to die himself and our entire kitchen like a neon rainbow
(P.S he didn't eat the wall, that was from the previous owners and we just haven't fixed it yet)
Needless to say we have finally learned our lesson
We haven't had any major naughty moments for months
He is even now allowed free range of the house while we are at work
{Before he was kept in the kitchen by a gate}
He is the most stubborn dog on the planet
If we are somewhere and he doesn't want to go he will sit down and refused to move
Leash fully extended
This was his first time at the vet

  He quickly learned that the vet comes yielding treats
And it was his favorite place
Until... they placed a cone around his neck
and took his manhood 
He did however figure out exactly how to get the cone off within a day or two

He loves to sit on the back of our couches, like a cat
He is the biggest blanket hog and bed hog on the planet.
If there is a blanket, pillow, or anything that is soft on the ground or couch
He will be on it 
We came across these pictures and this accurately depicts how we sleep every night
Same as anyone who has a dog with them

Even with the lack of sleep each night
We love having a dog
I want another one, but Jeff says no. Boo. 

He loves people more than anything.
At times I think he believes he is a person
Whenever we have company he just gets so excited and he thinks they have come to play with him.
His favorite person is my mom.
I promise he is not being mean
My mom said something that made him think he was going to get to go somewhere
Meaning he would get to go in the carIf you say "Where's Grandma?"
he will run to the door and sit there whining and waiting for her to come.
He knows my mom comes yielding treats
He also knows that whatever trick {or mixture of tricks} she won't be able to resist
He is super smart and learns extremely quickly
Especially if being motivated by food
He can sit, stay, lay down, bow, play dead, shake (both paws), roll over, jump and give high fives
Will you come and play with me?
"A dog is  the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
- Josh Billings

Love Always,

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  1. Looks like you have a cute and fun dog.


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