Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress Moment

So I had a really unique experience for finding the perfect dress. For the last year Danielle, our moms, and I have probably seen all of the Say Yes to the Dress shows. We have talked about the day I would find my dress and the different dresses that we liked and whatnot. Well I went to try on dresses about a month ago and it was horrible. I went to Fantasy Bridal, mainly because I had won a certificate at a bridal show and thought I'd check it out. I so wish I hadn't. I tried on at least 10 dresses, each one worse than the previous ones. The consultant did not listen to anything that I said and what I was looking for. Plus half the time she wasn't anywhere to be found. It was a horrible experience and I would warn anyone looking for a dress to completely steer clear of that place.

When we were looking for the bridesmaid dresses, all day I had said that I didn't want to try on any wedding dresses. I was so firm and sure I wouldn't try on a single dress that day. I wasn't in the mood and the first time we had went was a very negative experience and I wasn't too keen to repeat it that day. We had looked around at Gateway Bridal and I had found this adorable tea length dress that was really flirty and I instantly fell in love with. It was a really tiny sample size so I made Dani try it on for me. Since she is the perfect sample size, no joke. I had that dress and a Maggie Sottero dress in my head, I was so sure that one of the two dresses was going to be MY dress. We went to another store to look at some more bridesmaid dresses and found the perfect one.  So after we found the bridesmaid dresses the consultant said she would take $20 off each of their dresses if I tried on some wedding dress. So I reluctantly agreed.

Well the first couple dresses everyone else liked, but I wasn't wowed. I really felt like I was just going through the motions and my heart just wasn't in it. Plus I had the other two dresses in my mind.  Then some random lady came over and whispered to everyone that "she had my dress." I was like okay... I'm pretty sure I have seen every dress in there and hadn't had that reaction. So a couple minutes later she emerged from who knows where with this dress. It was extremely similar to a dress I had loved in a magazine, the only difference was the neckline. The dress in the magazine was from a retailer that was only located on the east coast.  I tried it on and when I went to stand in front of the mirrors my mom started crying and everyone else started crying...which made me cry. I really didn't even know how to react. I had found my dress and had completely forgotten about the other two dresses.

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