Thursday, March 31, 2011

Huge Changes

This past week I have not planned or thought about a single wedding detail other than the things I have already planned. The reason being, because we are going to basically be changing everything in our lives. We are moving to Utah County. Random huh? Well Jeff is going to be going into the Nursing Program at UVU, mainly because he won't have to wait for a couple years. Plus with gas prices sky rocketing we can't afford for him for me to commute to work on 9600 South in Sandy to Ogden everyday; just not a possibility. So UVU here we come.

Moving to Happy Valley means Jeff has to get a new job, which he has been speaking with American Fork Hospital. Problem is he doesn't know if to wait till after we are married or just deal with the commute for the next couple months. Any suggestions? If he stays at South Davis he has plenty of PTO for the wedding and honeymoon, but then he wouldn't know if there will be a job available and that pays well enough after we get married. If he started the new job now, he could work in the department he wants to but we might have to delay our honeymoon.

So life after wedding will include: new job, new area, new school, and of course being newlyweds. CRAZY!!!

P.S We will not be Cougar fans anytime soon.... GO UTES!!

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