Thursday, October 13, 2011


So I'm getting all my wedding day photos back next week!!! Yay! He is absolutley amazing and took thousands of pictures! When I get all those pictures back I'll post some highlights and do a blog about our wedding day for now here's some pictures of our groomals. I am so happy that we did these instead of bridals; a wedding day is about both of us and I don't need 400 pictures of myself. Plus we had a busy wedding day so I have tons of shots now of both of us in different locations.

If you need a photographer I highly highly highly recommend Dave at Jaffa Photography. He doesn't have a fancy website, but his prices are great and he doesn't use time constants. Plus he will do whatever it takes to get great shots including almost falling into a pond chasing ducks.


  1. Katie you are so pretty and your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful. I agree with you: the wedding is about you both! I'm not a fan of brides who think it's all about them. That's what prom is for! Haha!

  3. Awe thank you. I totally agree Tiff! Oh and my mom wanted me to tell you hello!


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