Sunday, October 23, 2011

Part 2: Prepping for the Day

You are probably wondering why I am doing a whole post about getting ready. Well I just couldn't resist. We have so many pictures from that day and some of my favorites are in the getting ready. Not to mention all the drama and problems happened before anything began.

As a result of going to bed so late, I tried to delay waking up till the last possible second. We forgot to load the car the night before, meaning we had to do it before our hair appointment. We were about 30 minutes late to our hair appointment. I felt so bad, sorry Lindzie. my hair turned out exactly how I pictured it and she was amazing!

When we finally got to Canterbury we still needed to do makeup and get dressed. Jeff was already there and the rest of the bridal party was arriving. The video still wasn't finished and Jeff asked if I had the original file. Of course, I didn't. It was still on Jeff's parents home computer. Jeff had to contact them and try to explain to them how to get it and copy it to a flash drive. 
Groom's Room: Getting ready

Bobby forgot to go get fitted so Jeff guessed on his measurements... obviously guessed wrong. haha.

It takes two to get this stud ready

I love this picture, precious moment.

Jeff, Stephen, and Kevin

Tying the rings on the pillow made especially for him.

Bobby and his dad trying to get his oversized tux to fit.

Jamone and his big brothers, what studs!
While Jeff dealt with the flash drive issue. I had to help make some final decisions on placement of pictures and other decorations. Then the florist came to give me some bad news. Almost all the red dahlias I had ordered either came in the wrong color or died. Dahlias were my centerpiece and were supposed to be up and already on the tables for the brunch. So before we even had anything start that day I didn't have a reception video and I didn't have flowers. Could anything else go wrong?

 The next news I got was that Allison, Jeff's sister and one of my bridesmaids, was not going to make the ceremony. She had been flying in from Alaska that morning and the flight she was on had mechanical problems. She wasn't able to make the next flight that would have got her to the ceremony in time. So instead she wouldn't get there until the early afternoon. We were glad she was still able to be there though.

Well I must say I handled all the drama very well. I think I was just excited to get married and all the little details didn't matter. I knew my wedding planner would make sure everything ran smoothly. I just had faith that everything was going to work out. Don't worry they did! So with Allison gone I was down to 2 bridesmaids and still had the 4 groomsman. (Danielle my maid of honor had grad school orientation that morning so we already knew for months she would only be able to make it to the reception.) Well sometimes fate intervines and things just come together perfectly. I have always been extremely close to the Foster family, as you can tell two of my bridesmaids are Foster girls, well they have a little sister Lindsey. For the wedding she had purchased a dress that was extremely similar to my bridesmaid dresses. Super cute. Also the florist had accidentally made 5 bridesmaid bouqets. Lindsey had always been like a little sister to me and I love her to pieces. She's the sweetest girl you will ever meet. So I asked Lindsey if she would be one of my bridesmaids like an hour before the wedding. It worked out perfectly and I should have asked her months before.
My beautiful bouquet! Turned out awesome.
The five bridesmaids flowers.
Fixing his tux the way girls do best
My dress
 Helping me get ready and fluffying my dress

You could see down to the dining area from the bridesmaid rooms
Our adorable flower girls. They were so adorable!
Can you tell they are sisters?
As my family arrived they came upstairs. Trudi was the only one that came up crying! Love you Trudi!!
Me and my mom! Can you tell? Love you mom!
I thought my mom would be crying throughout this whole process. She kept it together so well.
Me and all the bridesmaids. Cute huh? Told you Lindsey's dress matched perfectly.
Last touches to my hair, seperating curls
Some last makeup touch ups
My mom and step mom. Love you both!
My dad came up and was trying not to cry. Though we caught him multiple times wiping tears away. Though he'll never admit it.
 Three Generations Photo

Love Always, 

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