Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candid Wedding Day

Here are some candid wedding day shots by Makaela.
I owe her big time!!! She is one of my best friends and the sweetest person on the planet.
I can't wait to have my wedding pictures by my photographer.
But I ABSOLUTELY!! love the fact I have candid pictures of the whole day.
She was there from early in the morning to late at night throughout my entire wedding day.
She even followed us around the temple grounds while we took pictures and helped me carry my stuff around. Thank you so much Mackers!!! It meant so much for to us! Love you and please move home! :)

I also have pictures that were taken throughout the day by Kelly Foster.
All the Fosters have played such a major part of my life and Jeff's. They are always here for us.
I don't know what we would do without them. You are family to us not just friends. Love you all!!!
I owe a special thanks to Braeden Foster. He was the one who went around videoing my entire day and especially my ceremony. Thank you so much.


  1. Katie,

    Those are seriously some of the cutest wedding colors I have ever seen. Where was your reception? I love the cakes and you look so pretty. The picture of you and your mom is adorable!

  2. Everything, but the temple part, was at Canterbury on 5th South in Bountiful. Thanks again.

  3. Seriously, your wedding was beautiful! Your dress could have been featured on "Say Yes To the Dress" have you seen that show? It looks like a princess and the temple is your castle! :) Love the wedding colors and your candid wedding photographer! How fun!

  4. I have seen that show. Thank you so much! I wish you guys could have been there. Not many people from my mom's side of the family came. It was a great day though.


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