Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day to Day Changes

We are starting to feel like every week, if not every day, our lives changed dramatically. 
Its pretty exhausting to be completely honest, but we LOVE it!
2 weeks ago Jeff had his last day at South Davis Community Hospital. He was sad to leave, because he has grown so close to the staff and patients. 
That's the upside and downside of working at a long term care facility.
Jeff was lucky because he had a week scheduled off work to go to Lake Powell, which ended up being the last week of his 2 week notice. So he got to spend a week in this beautiful place. 
I am jealous, I had to stay home to go to work. 

While Jeff was gone I was extremely busy. I still had some overtime shifts left which was a perfect timing. I started to feel like I lived at work. I was there from 7am to 10pm for over 2 weeks straight. Some days I even did my hair and makeup while at work. I had a 2 hour break between my shifts so I would take naps and get food. No idea how I survived. 
After my overtime shifts ended I was busy running errands, including picking out engagement picture clothing, picking a place to do pictures, getting things figured out for Jeff to move into our place, and getting new phones. 

This is my new phone: HTC Sensation. I LOVE IT!!

Jeff's new phone: the Samsung Galaxy S. Can't tear him away from it.

Jeff started his new job yesterday and he already loves it! He sent me text messages throughout the day bragging about how amazing of a hospital and the services they offer. I felt so bad that he had to leave his job to move to Orem, but I feel much better knowing he loves his new job already. The bad part is that he has to travel from Bountiful to Orem at 5am, but fortunately not much longer. Our tenant is moving out by the end of the week, so Jeff will soon be living in our place!
We have a ton to do in order to get him moved in, i.e clothing, putting new carpet, painting, and moving all the furniture and stuff in.
We are so excited thought to start to make it into our home!. 
We have 51 days till we get married and it can't come fast enough.
..... except I still have a TON to do before.

P.S. If anyone wants to help, we would appreciate it.

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  1. I'm happy to help with whatever I can. Just let me know.


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