Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

Ever since being engaged I haven't had a day that didn't involve doing something towards our life that starts in August. I am so grateful for this past weekend was exactly what I needed. This weekend I got to spend the whole day Saturday with Makaela, who I never get to see. We went to Jordan and Chelsea's wedding in the afternoon. It was a beautiful reception and Chelsea looked amazing. I can't believe it how just 9 years ago  Chelsea and I would walk from each of hour houses to meet half way and then walk back to our house. Throughout high school and football Jeff and Jordan were always together. We are so happy for them and I know they will have a life filled with love and happiness.

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands and getting presents for Mother's Day. That night we went to another reception for the adorable couple Jon and Ashley Feller! The reception was so cute and it was so fun to see so many people from high school. I'm pretty sure the whole night was filled with old friends catching up on what we have been up to since graduation. Sad how you lose contact with people you used to see every day, but that's life. The reception was beautifully decorated and filled with love. I love seeing all the high school sweethearts have lasted throughout the years and are now getting married. I know its supposed to be rare, but our class is defying all odds. I love it!! Wedding season has begun and I'm getting more and more excited for my day!!
 The rest of the night was spent with staring at the clouds on Makaela's tramp and soaking up the good weather (that only lasted about another 2 hours.) We stayed up till after 2 am talking about boys, memories, the future, and more boys. I have surely missed Mackers and wish she wasn't staying in Dixie till the fall. Exciting new about Mackers, she GRADUATED with her Bachelor's degree!!!! She is absolutely amazing and has a Bachelor's degree just after turning 21! I'm so proud of her and of course jealous! This is a cute "yard card" her mom did for her, which of course embarrasses her. 
Cute idea huh?
 Congratulations to Makaela and all the newly weds!!!

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