Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Cross your Fingers and Say a Prayer for Us}

Planning on where to live and what our married life plan would be has been an adventure and a crazy roller coaster ride. We had both been planning on moving to Layton area for school and then I got offered the job at Comcast and that flipped everything around. If I didn't love my job and love the company I wouldn't have allowed it to flip our lives upside down. Jeff decided he didn't want to be put on a waiting list for the nursing program at Weber either, so he applied for the new direct entrance at UVU. He got accepted and I transferred and get to finish my degree there and under a full tuition scholarship. Things just have fallen into place pretty quickly, like its just meant to be.

Jeff has to get a new job closer to the school, which he has applied for multiple positions. He wants to get a job that broadens his medical and nursing resume and so right now he is being picky. He has had offers to work with home health care, which wouldn't be bad but he wants more of a challenge. So he didn't accept anything yet. He has been in a fairly extensive interview selection for the Oncology Department at Utah Valley Regional Center (the cancer floor, in case you were wondering.) He has such an amazing resume and is in the final group right now and is meeting with them on Monday. {cross your fingers and say a prayer for him.} I'm so proud at how hard he works and each of his employers he leaves are so sad and beg him to stay. His current boss even wrote him a letter of recommendation for him to give potential employers. How many supervisors really care what happen to you after you leave?

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